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(+) an assurance from a governing entity that CC is not scam
(-) became a laughingstock 'cause they can only tax the market
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I just upload it to a git repo
· 148d · memo
I'm happy to announce the release of Memo mobile app for Android! (iOS coming soon)
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Lost about 5 or whatever amount it was they gave to you when joining mtgox on 2009
Compared to steemit and minds, memo does not require every post to be a meaningful topic; this gives memo a lax identity.
Also it runs on the bitcoin blockchain and not some identity token.

So far I'm enjoying memo.
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Kadokawa is the final boss of anime
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i forget that the same people who made RDR made GTA. yeah, likely a big cause. do you like GTA? i dont get the hype for either but I've not played RDR & have played <5 hours of GTA.
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Eeh. GTA is good. Kept me entertained for awhile.
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Naah, must be because of R*
I'm not a fan of wild west theme, and because of that I don't really get the hype behind RDR.
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I'm still new to this cryptocurrency social media thingy.
Seems neat, though.
Hi, Memo!