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Shiny Leaf is the first Beauty company to accept Bitcoin Cash! Offering 20% Rebate (Bitcoin Cash Back) on all purchases on - Supporting merchant adoption since 2017!


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We are US based (all our products are made in the US as well) we ship worldwide. Our products are also available on Amazon (US and some EU) and eBay.
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Re-followed :)
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In case you were wondering Shiny Leaf ( still accepts BCH and offer 15% for every purchase made using Bitcoin Cash using coupon code: ADOPTION
It took us some time to get there but #WeChooseSV #BSV accepted @ !
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The pleasure is ours! We promise to spoil every Bitcoin Cash customer wherever they may be! Enjoy and let us know how they work for you. 💗
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Happy 1st Birthday Bitcoin Cash!

For the next 48 hours only: Order with BCH & Get a FREE bottle of Argan Oil 1oz + 20% Bitcoin Cash back!

For more details:

Bitcoin Cash 1st birthday is coming up this August 1st. We've prepared an amazing promotion for BCH ordering customers on our website (on top of the ongoing 20% Bitcoin Cash back) stay tuned!
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As stress test day is nearing as well as the 1 year anniversary of BCH, we would like to remind you that we @ Shiny Leaf still offer 20% Bitcoin Cash back for every purchase made with BCH on
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Oh shit, it looks like the dollar is tanking. People better get out.
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BCH listed as currency now on Google is dope. only BCH and BTC are listed this way.
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Exactly. And there's a reason everyone is asking Google everything, Google knows.
Thank you Google, this is an important step:
Reminder: 20% Bitcoin Cash rebate for any purchase on our website:
Merchant adoption is the only way to go!
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To prevent abuse, still you're getting free BCH :)
662d has a Bitcoin Cash faucet - If anyone wants to get started with Bitcoin Cash or with Memo, this can be your starting point - it's instant and completely free!
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Very well said "The Cash of the World"
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You said it man! Nobody fucks with the Cash of the world.
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Agree. Based on memo's rate of development i'm sure we will have this sooner than later :)
Since this is "written" in stone (blockchain), it would be nice to go back to this memo in 6 months from now and see that Bitcoin Cash is x10 its value. June 6 2018