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I don't know if they are anti-plant but they certainly are anti-truth.
Once upon a time there was a huge CO2 concentration in the earth atmosphere which was responsible to the growth of huge plants and animals. True story.
Yesterday 186335-184916=1419 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈42.2%
Shitposting to the moon!!
Yesterday 186335-184916=1419 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈42.2%
& where does that salary & profits for the Capitalist(s) come from? It comes from worker's productivity. It literally means workers are paying for everything profits & their own wages.
Right. I fail to see any problem here.
posted · 3 hours ago
Store of Ponzi?
In case of BCH chain split I will:
There will be no BCH split.
That's not what I said. I said that people should not exploit other people's work as all economic systems to this day, with exception of Communism, are based on that principle.
And because someone is getting a salary to do some work that person is automatically being exploited?
Yes, but not everyone can do this. Not everyone has the skill to run a business, or some personal situations prevents it. No one should be exploited & all skills are useful.
So because not everyone has the skill to run a business nobody should do it?
Bye bye ETH
Bye bye ETH
posted · 23 hours ago
Who is next? This is getting ridiculous...
There are endless possibilities to support the genius of each kid which it would loose in the horrible violent school system. Every kid is born as a genius and we abuse them to slavery
Good luck with your life without a social security number. Are you willing to give up yours?
They are also "free" to starve, right? That is such a stupid and ignorant thing to say, it really is.
They are definitely free to start their own business. Nobody will stop them.
Down with the riches! (Except for me suckers!)
Bernie Sanders isn't the guy who possess 5 houses or something like that? How hypocritical.
That alone shows you that Capitalists DO exploit others, They are not helping anyone but themselves. Workers are making them richer, not other way around.
Workers are free to not work for them.
About to do some stress testing, does anybody else want to play?
LR, religious extremists training kids to be school shooters in NM. One kid died in a ritual. other 11 were starving.
That is one happy camper.
I'm pretty sure he doesn't know about memo.
everyone's in panic mode, sell this coin , buy this coin and that! and me? ..okay, i'll post in @memo 😂❤️❤️❤️
posted · 1 day ago

Very interesting read and relevant to BCH in many ways.
@esthon, for your tip of 15011 satoshis, I will send 48 txs with the message: BCH... You can watch here
in the run: R210.
It's about time memo gets a private messaging system......

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