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Fact 5: You crying about it won't change anything.
Thats the lowest IQ, NPC meme Ive ever seen. Thanks LR!
@memo #memo including - Links would be great!
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Replied to wrong person.
Which one of them is a for profit multinational corporation putting stuff in my blood?
Which one of them is a for profit multinational corporation putting stuff in my blood?
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The problem is not vaccines themselves. Obviously they work when administered correctly. The problem is having to blindly trust an agency with multi billion$$ interests.
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Let me know what you find! I’m in US so my options are severely restricted.
This is basic risk/reward ratio not in my favor.
Right and submit myself to multinational corporations is something that I will absolutely prevent. I strongly prefer to get the flu over giving them money for a useless charade.
Case closed.
Fact 4: All of this is inevitable. Get over it already and prepare yourself accordingly.
Fact 3: Climate will stabilize like it was before the carbon fossil has been burred into the ground.
Questionably fact 2: Climate will change to some extent.
Fact 1: All carbons fossils that was once in the atmosphere WILL be burned and get back to the atmosphere again. It's just a matter of time.
I will get cancer from G5 network. Can it be prevented? I don't know.
Maybe you got cancer from all the vaccines you get? And then they are selling you chemo.