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Megaliths prove you wrong.
No, we are talking microscopically.
Is anyone working on a patreon replacement that isn't a scam like the last attempt (bitreon)? I think lighthouse could be adapted for the purpose, not sure about recurring payment though.
Yesterday 300241-299821=420 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉11.8%|abc(300230-299810=420,📉11.8%),sv(300076-298803=1273,📈71.8%)|Number of memo txs reached 300k🎉
A lot of blocks haven't suffered weathering because they was burried.
This is utterly false. No cuitting tool on earth doesn't leave any marks.
Evidence that something ponctual happened all at once. Even all ancien civilisation are saying that about themself. All of them.
The Flippening Has Happened! Market manipulation and what history tells us

I made a video asking the question: "Is @CalvinAyre George Soros or is he the Bank of England?
You look pretty emotionally unstable just because of a bunch of code. Are you like, literally jerking off?

You genuinely still believe this guy is Satoshi?
SV trolls on suicide watch!
Total bullshit. All the hash power supported these changes expect for Calvin's. CSW and Calvin said for a whole 6 months: let's let POW decide. Well, right now BCH has 25% more POW
BSV literally stands for Bull Shit Vision.
Megaliths are one big evidence rubbing itself on your face.
Such as? Which tool exactly that doesn't leave any marks?
So statistically we should have been utterly destroyed since sumer? Are we living in a time frame where we are beating odds?
Yeah that's so retarded nobody have any clue how they did it and nobody managed to do it neither in later on civilization. Good job Mr. Dissmissal.
Something around 4000 years is broad?
Which is a common caracteristic of megaliths.
Except the tools to cut them without leaving trace of such tools.
We totally believe you. Dumbass.