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I'm the best asshole in the FUCKING whole world! DEAL WITH IT!! 🖕


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Finally, it was a pain in the ass not being able to buy an item because only BTC was accepted.
Declaring something hate speech is Literally hate speech, and should be the first form of hate speech banned if a ban ever does occur, to prevent damage to freedom of speech: verbal self-defense, this is.
It is owned by CSW. BCH needs a new one.
Anybody knows if avalanche will make it into BCH?
Do you like Memo?
Fake news MSM barely reporting what's happening in france
Impressive site but I'm not sure they were built with megaliths. Hard to tell from such a distance.
So they prefered to be in control of a pathetic shitcoin than lose face.
Nchain sole and only goal was to be in control no matter what.
There is litterally no point for SV. The only reason they have split is because CSW's massive ego couldn't handle market and hashrate rejection.
The year is 2019, Bitcoin Cash is bringing sound cash to the world this year, I can smell it in the air
It feels good to use memo once again.. i missed you memo!
BSV centralized mining doesn't need propagation so the blocksize is completely irrelevant.
How surprising. A shitcoin lacking of demand.
Anonymous Trustless #BCH and #BSV operations:


Due to lack of demand the BSV services will halt Jan 12. You have one week more to use the splitting service.
"If one crazy conspiracy is false then all of them are false and the government is right! That's how logic works! Even if all the evidence videos testimony and physics says otherwise! I'm smart!"
SILENTSAM, you are such a fool.