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Great, thanks for the pointer. I gather Belzeebub's tales is his hardest to read book 🙂 Couldn't finish it but I haven't said my last word.
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Do you mean Beelzebub tales to his grandson ? 🙂
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You're very welcome ! The book is worth it but if it's too much trouble, just reading the monthly post on about it is already very interesting, as are all posts there !
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And in case you're wondering, I think this book is perfectly compatible with what I perceive to be your interpretation of christianity. Reading you made me think of it.
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I like your writing. You might be interested in the book discussed there: , all other posts on this blog are great.
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800+ year old church in Norway
I'm building a custom motor bicycle to enter in the SoCal motor bicycle races. Representing BCH :) I'll be wearing my BCH PLS shirt and spreading the good word!