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Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
Created by Satoshi Nakamoto
System: Bitcoin
Currency BitcoinCash
Symbol: BCH
#Bitcoin #BitcoinCash #BCH #Blockchain #Technology #bComm #Money #business #EconomicFreedom
Just showing a friend how this works
and now both BCF and clothes for coins have both distanced themselves too.
****Beware Copycat Profiles****

To all good people of the world....
I agree
This is a very cool giveaway, all winners present & future will be well deserved 🌏✌️
Shirt Giveaway to Memo.Cash users! Like & Reply for entry. I will pick a winner tomorrow. This will be the first of many.

100% Cotton - 8 - Sizes
Profile pic fixed 😀
looks like it,
AAPL make it difficult to launch bitcoincash apps,
pushing development to android.

Let this be embedded on the blockchain,

proprietary rule thwarts true innovation.
kudos @cryptogrampa,
thanks for spamming your satoshi's :)
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Anyone know why Imgur links are this format and won't work uploading as profile pics?
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Following, profile pic still a work in progress
i was walking through the blockchain, found a test from Gavirn Andreson multisig test :0.
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is it only android at the moment?
So I cannot generate an imgur image that has the correct url for display picture? Any ideas?
Keyport app.

Great, I can access 50% of my messages so far.
Pay as you go for texts.
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What's that new encrypted decentralized instant messaging service built on the BCH blockchain? Thoughts?