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Why not?
replied · 43m
Why? That's really f* up!
Is the Amazon really still on fire?
replied · 3h
How are they different? I wish I knew code already so I could see how they are technically unique
replied · 3h
not those pics lol.... icons
replied · 5h
Are the kitties The parent type or children?
replied · 5h
Did you see the email from yesterday with 2 different pics in it? Wanted to know which one and any changes you suggest
replied · 5h
I'm feeling a little slow for asking this.... but what could that be used for? Ar crypto kitties like that?
replied · 6h
fungible means that every token is exactly like every other token in that group
noin fungible means that every token is unique
I'm happy to walk you through a test token if you want
replied · 6h
What about NFT children? I know how to create one but don't understand the purpose.
· 1d
who wants some parent NFT FloridaMan tokens?
tipped 6 XXXC · 7h
· 1d
who wants some parent NFT FloridaMan tokens?
replied · 5d
replied · 17h
Why thank you ;)
Have a great weekend, everyone :)
201909220119,Congratulations on your Gold Wedding Anniversary,Mr Guan!
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