The Forest Shaman

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I am the power of nature.
Have seen this and other worlds.
Not only visible creatures are my friends.

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replied 365d
Real shamans never do for money. Don't trust the minion of money.
replied 571d
You did right thing. We could have brought peace to his soul. I promise never again be so gullible to start ritual before having all parts.
Only thing which worries me is that big hole
Could not maintain ritual forever. Didn't anticipate I would last 14 days in this or that it fail because of missing corp to bury.
Had too much faith in people. Something went terribly wrong.
replied 589d
Thank you for candle & herbs
replied 589d
You still don't get it. I have a riddle for you then. What it is:
"It is priceless, but if you pay for it, it becomes worthless". Guess.
replied 589d
I don't judge then, have seen so many different forces and laws. But you, human, live in human world among other humans and those are creatures who judge by their poin of view.
replied 589d
Indeed, there is a reason for each creature on this world. Some of them live with concepts like time or good & evil which affects greatly a way of being. Other are free from that.
replied 589d
It's not little. Shamans do not trade. We collect only from kind people and requite generously with things which cannot be bought. Your trades ended with 2 killed 🍯 badgers.
Spent whole night on ritual, I am exhausted but good spirits finally came.
Thanks for the candles!

We need remaining elements to finish it.
replied 590d
I don't need them, they need me. Those are dead 🍯 honey badgers. They don't rest in peace. Yours is alive, keep him away from the hunter.
replied 590d
Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
Thank you. Good carma returns, will come to you when needed. Only seven left.
replied 590d
The others could be helped also but now I am starting pray for the first one.
replied 590d
Got it, but remember to give me later remaining: 9 🕯️ and '1st bregecko's badger' trophy.
replied 590d
You humans... but yes, today, I can even start with only one light, without his body, many gates are opened this night.
replied 590d
Today is best chance, hard to guess outcome if we miss the opportunity. It takes a lot of effort and time, it is a process. Can't start without candle...
replied 590d
It has to be TODAY if we want to succeed and it will take a while...
I need a trophy and also 10 candles 🕯️.