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· 419d
NEW GUIDE: Start using Bitcoin Cash + Electron Cash -> http://agf.earth/guide/bitcoincash
· 428d · memo
Could memo.cash topic posts be sorted in reverse (newest post at the top of page), with the message box and send button above that?
· 428d
Trying out the search... wow! you can even link to a hashtag search on memo.cash : https://memo.cash/posts/new?s=%23bchforeveryone
· 428d · memo
Is a 'topic feed' planned for memo.cash, where it shows a mixed feed from topics you follow (not including non-topic posts from those you follow)?
· 432d
Memo PSD logo, SVG logo versions, and Yours.org PSD/SVG Logo download to share: https://www.yours.org/content/yoursorg---memocash-svg-and-psd-logo-files-6e816fc3045e
· 454d
· 454d
· 474d
Today we begin amplifying the StartBCH project http://startbch.com/ as part of AKARI Media Platform (AMP), an initiative to support/amplify Bitcoin Cash education resources and media
· 493d · Earn tips
Thank you very much for the tips! You can learn about other cool tools like http://read.cash at http://devs.cash
· 493d · Earn tips
A good tool for Bitcoin Cash, memo.cash and others we just learned about is https://read.cash/
· 494d
Good news, we launched http://BitFund.cash BETA! The 'Self-Hosted Fundraisers' Showcase! Crowdfund using Bitcoin Cash!
· 496d
WOW!!!! We reached our second goal thanks to Bitcoin Cash donators like you! THANK YOU! We can now focus on our next big steps! http://akari-b3.github.io/fundraiser
#BCHForEveryone http://agf.earth/goal2_reached.gif
· 497d
· 497d
Bitcoin Cash Crowdfund: Support AKARI's BCH tools, guides, projects and more!
· 507d
Guide: How to set up your own Bitcoin Cash fundraiser, for free (no web-host required). http://agf.earth/guide/akaripages/
· 509d
AKARI-PAGES v0.1 released, for Bitcoin Cash! https://github.com/AKARI-B3/akaripages — Run your own Bitcoin Cash P2P micro-fundraiser today, for free!
Demo example: http://agf.earth/akari_pages_example.jpg
· 511d
· 522d
Add a BCH donate/pay button link: https://github.com/AKARI-B3/akaripay
· 531d
Hi Memo! Check our Bitcoin Cash posts on https://www.yours.org/@akari too!
· 535d
Love how snappy memo is. How'd they do it? Hope it stays fast!
· 537d
We've now 12 intl languages for our BCH guide https://www.yours.org/@akari
· 546d
· 546d