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Ah, maybe one day we could all get paid/funded, for studying and creating valuable projects for society.
Why can't you?
NEW GUIDE: Start using Bitcoin Cash + Electron Cash -> http://agf.earth/guide/bitcoincash
Could memo.cash topic posts be sorted in reverse (newest post at the top of page), with the message box and send button above that?
Testing @memo mention search
Trying out the search... wow! you can even link to a hashtag search on memo.cash : https://memo.cash/posts/new?s=%23bchforeveryone
Is a 'topic feed' planned for memo.cash, where it shows a mixed feed from topics you follow (not including non-topic posts from those you follow)?
Memo PSD logo, SVG logo versions, and Yours.org PSD/SVG Logo download to share: https://www.yours.org/content/yoursorg---memocash-svg-and-psd-logo-files-6e816fc3045e
Today we begin amplifying the StartBCH project http://startbch.com/ as part of AKARI Media Platform (AMP), an initiative to support/amplify Bitcoin Cash education resources and media
Maybe MiniPos, they're coming out with a pack in August last we heard
Thank you very much for the tips! You can learn about other cool tools like http://read.cash at http://devs.cash
A good tool for Bitcoin Cash, memo.cash and others we just learned about is https://read.cash/
Thanks for sharing about it!
Good news, we launched http://BitFund.cash BETA! The 'Self-Hosted Fundraisers' Showcase! Crowdfund using Bitcoin Cash!
WOW!!!! We reached our second goal thanks to Bitcoin Cash donators like you! THANK YOU! We can now focus on our next big steps! http://akari-b3.github.io/fundraiser
#BCHForEveryone http://agf.earth/goal2_reached.gif
Thank you for doing this!
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AKARI-PAGES v0.1 released, for Bitcoin Cash! https://github.com/AKARI-B3/akaripages — Run your own Bitcoin Cash P2P micro-fundraiser today, for free!
Demo example: http://agf.earth/akari_pages_example.jpg
Enjoying the dark theme!