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replied · 408d
I'm studying for a degree at the moment. I don't know why tbh, but its a sunk cost haha.
replied · 408d
Ah, maybe one day we could all get paid/funded, for studying and creating valuable projects for society.
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Look at our Bitcoin Cash tools at: http://agf.earth/tools.html

Learn more and support AKARI + Bitcoin Cash at http://AGF.EARTH
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· 408d
Some days I wish I could just drop everything and work on Bitcoin (BCH) related projects full-time.
replied · 408d
Why can't you?
· 419d
NEW GUIDE: Start using Bitcoin Cash + Electron Cash -> http://agf.earth/guide/bitcoincash
replied · 428d
Possibly, maybe at least as an option.
replied · 428d
Wasn't planning on it, but it's a good idea :)
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· 429d
My first memo!

Bitcoin Cash, for me personally, is Bitcoin & the vision of Satoshi as per the whitepaper. Hope to make some friends here!
I live in Malta, the Blockchain Island & starting a BCH meetup soon.

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· 428d · memo
Could memo.cash topic posts be sorted in reverse (newest post at the top of page), with the message box and send button above that?
· 434d
Guys, could you please mention me @tracyspacy or @memo in your posts sometimes?!
It is needed to test my Memo MENTION Email notifier. (when you mention me or memo I will receive email notification)
Thank you
replied · 428d
Testing @memo mention search
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· 431d
Remember what I said about the #BitcoinCash ATM video that's coming soon?

Here it is now!

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· 428d
Trying out the search... wow! you can even link to a hashtag search on memo.cash : https://memo.cash/posts/new?s=%23bchforeveryone
· 429d · memo
Memo update released: can now search ranked and new posts. Makes it easy to search for mentions and hashtags. @memo #memo
· 428d · memo
Is a 'topic feed' planned for memo.cash, where it shows a mixed feed from topics you follow (not including non-topic posts from those you follow)?
· 432d
Memo PSD logo, SVG logo versions, and Yours.org PSD/SVG Logo download to share: https://www.yours.org/content/yoursorg---memocash-svg-and-psd-logo-files-6e816fc3045e
· 434d
devs.cash updated to add a few notable changes
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