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Code Valley they spent millions in supporting and growing BCH adoption and user lifestyle in Townsville Australia known as the Bitcoin Cash City
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This is why I am warning all to prepare. We all need to stand together against this administrative genocide or we will be hung separately
replied 40d
another locked down all over the world? it is better to keep our assets of crypto if that happen
replied 40d
Yes, CBDC'S are coming, in Townsville Australia BCH was vital in the survival of discrimination
The Elite class want to bring out a new wave of "Covid" restrictions are coming out, prepare now, defend your sovereignty stack BCH new wave of cash to prop up a Failing US dollar for Universal income entrapment.
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MATE!!!! LOVED your intro and vid!!! Great stuff, I am going to promote this!!!!
Bitgree Marketplace - Buy Anything With Bitcoin Cash!

BitcoinCash Nigeria 2023 Festival
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That was a good news then.
replied 53d
Sure is, people who have bch will be in massive profits by the end of the year, and definitely be pleased 2nd quarter
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So proud of the work done by some seriously talented people here in the Bitcoin Cash City, BCH will be industrialise blockchain applications. People are going to regret not stacking
Bitcoin Cash 2023: Invest In A Decentralized Economy

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If we want a better life we have to work for it.
BCH on is showing some interesting tests results
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Looks like institutional racism there.
Perhaps it does exist just not in the way it is taught
Took me years to realize this, but my self-concept remained far behind both my reality and goals. It definitely dragged me down.

Make sure the person you truly believe you are is the same person you're trying to be.
Live in under an hour, Scott Cunningham comes back on the Digital Cash Rundown to talk Richard Heart getting sued by the SEC over HEX and PulseChain! 👀
replied 65d
I hope not. Because that would be sad.
replied 65d
He is the real deal alright, they have a whole community
replied 65d
Together we build an economic economy outside the global universal basic income trap coming. Yet my faith in humanity is fading, a struggle somehow picked up 3 years ago. Yet Fight on
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Yes just adjust to the changes and move on, now I am educating the general public about Bitcoin Cash
Have we come to an age whereby the closest friend to some people is Chat GPT?
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Becashey was the guy who I met from new Hampshire he had gold and BCH, sold him bch for USD to tie me over for my trip back to Australia whilst in Miami and LA
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I am hopeful for a better p2p exchange experience, I am considering to promote Zapit or Paytaca when their p2p comes out.
It's intriguing that funeral advertisements are on TV in the mornings, are we living everyday as if it's our last?