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Stop being a baby
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why burn? I'd liek MOAR
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**Definitely NOT Shadowman**
103d · *SHADOW STAX** (STX)
Hehe, can I get some free stx :) may god bless you in this life, I love memo. BCH #1 :)
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David Hasselhoff
I giving one bible verse a day
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U audi5000.
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Well..CC was burned and replaced by PCO if you have ignis coins i do an airdrop on Halloween
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I wanna some PCO token, thanks.
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· 10,000 sats 111d
I like XXXC, please and thank you SIR.
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I like 👾 / Beer Token / Bread Token. Thanks
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All tokens giveaway. Request any tokens from this list. First in first out.
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Luckily that ship had a life preservation system the SS Ignis...
Just gonna reboot the 'ol pc here and send it out.
Want to. Hat about your lotto. I have a few projects in the Philippines and would like to promote there if your app fits my portfolio.
Also want to know if you want to look at collaboration on one of my projects
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Whatever you do just take back it. Have a life again
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Unusual Uther
Yes, get in some nutrition between drinks.
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Unusual Uther
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David Hasselhoff
I ran out of beer :(
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PSA..Dont use ZELCORE wallet for bch, or anything. They have a great exchange, issues w/ bch explorer make funds never arrive. Also updated app today, and my account is gone. Lost $95 in bch, $200 xlm & zcl. Don't use
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Fun stuff , goofy stuff, nice stuff. Sour, drop, anything
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Fun stuff , goofy stuff, nice stuff. Sour, drop, anything
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David Hasselhoff
Anyone wanna donate sum spice for my coffee lol
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Happy Token Tuesday! Comment here and I will send you many tokens! Send me many tokens back and we can dance together, dance together like no one is watching.
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David Hasselhoff
Spice group argue s with each other I'm ignored lol no tips r rain still in over a day it seems . kinna discouraging maybe I should just pop in and say hello each day and not try to have conversations
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You could always pass a few around rather than just try and cash them all in....