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sent · 1,000 sats 176d
I would like to see you pick up where you left off once you get your mind right. More people here are supportive of your endeavors than not.
sent · 5,000 sats 177d
No offense taken. You looked at everything from all angles. It was only happenstance that I bought I’m before Kain blew the lid on everything.

Your next assignment is Bitfinex/tether.
sent · 1,000 sats 177d
0.2 G of cubensis to ward off the depression for 6 months..

sent · 2,000 sats 177d
Good article,

Yes, I wasn’t complicit in the ADD scam. Buying in was a matter of poor research. I’d have been none the wiser if Kain hadn’t pulled the covers on Roadtrip and his accounts.
sent · 2,500 sats 177d
Knuckles video should be ready for release by week’s end, perhaps sooner if I can find the right music.
sent · 1,000 sats 178d
We’re you the santa gifting bitcoin cash to everyone last year on reddit?!
sent · 5,000 sats 178d
ADD is the Bitfinex of SLP!
sent · 4,000 sats 178d
I’m starting to feel used, like a naive girl on prom night.
sent · 1,000 sats 178d
I look at the comment, pull up you avatar and, without fail, chuckle each and every time.
sent · 2,000 sats 178d
You’re uncharacteristically quiet. How are we faring this evening?
sent · 1,500 sats 179d
Yeah, that was one of those memo’s I didn’t expect to be tipped for.

sent · 1,000 sats 179d
Who won!?! Who won!?!?
sent · 1,000 sats 179d
sent · 1,000 sats 179d
Can I pass gas in a mason jar, seal it and send it to you?
sent · 10,000 sats 179d
I get a cheat meal tomorrow. What do you suggest i have?
sent · 2,000 sats 180d
Did you exit scam to Malta again?
sent · 3,000 sats 180d
Pleased to meet you.
· 1,000 sats 180d
Remember when you welcomed me back with open arms on my new handle? I asked if you wanted anything in return. You replied with an answer; sour.
· 5,000 sats 180d
Hey, BB. It’s lordswole from telegram. You might have more spice, but I have the better abs.

Thanks for the tip, fren. :)
sent · 5,000 sats 180d
Read Bukowski and Alan Carr, theu might very well help you out of this predicament.
sent · 5,000 sats 181d
You’ve gifted me quite a it of sats today. Do you want some back or specific tokens in return?
sent · 1,000 sats 183d
Thanks again for the gut check and unintended reminder not to transact with emotion. Canceling my buy orders was, in hindsight, a good thing to do. Fuck DCA, we have the paradise papers!
sent · 25,000 sats 185d

Yee-claw, pardner.

Happy birthday.
sent · 5,000 sats 186d
I read your comprehensive post on reddit and agree on most all of the points presented. It will be an interesting day if/when we go to transact with bitcoin cash fully independant of fiat.
sent · 2,000 sats 189d
From me to you;