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sent · 1,000 sats 209d
The spice they gifted me on telegram didn’t turn my eyes blue.
sent · 1,000 sats 209d
The definitely NOT shadowman account is defunct and can’t be accessed. Please don’t send any sats there.
sent · 666 sats 209d
Hey, got my own dividend token now. Follow my STX topic when you can, you won't be sorry. :)
sent · 1,000 sats 209d
Please follow my STX topic and tell me how to make threads
sent · 1,000 sats 210d

Nobody asked me to be arbiter of potential memo scams, but we're trying to shape an ecosystem without this sort of predatory behavior, are we not?
sent · 1,000 sats 210d
sent · 1,500 sats 210d
Thanks for all the sats, you're too generous.
sent · 1,000 sats 211d
Thanks for the monster tokens, man.
sent · 1,000 sats 211d
Still waiting to hear back, how many new SLP projects have you minted? Not trying to hide anything now, are we?
sent · 1,000 sats 211d
Screenshots and research are complete. Are you prepared?
sent · 1,000 sats 211d
How many tokens have you created to this point?
sent · 2,000 sats 211d
You’ve been getting scammed left and right lately. I’m impressed with your patience for people.
sent · 5,000 sats 212d
If you've any journalistic integrity to spare, I've come what with what appears to be another memo, token scam. Might be worth looking into..
sent · 1,000 sats 214d
Austin, when you take a notion to it, kindly ask around and find out who banned me from the spice group. I've no intent of rejoining, but I'd like to know what happened to merit a ban,
sent · 1,000 sats 214d
Point of clarification: Are you reinitiating airdrops for CC, Ignis, or PCO?

I think I sent back 102 Ignis to you..
sent · 460,000 sats 215d
The birthday thing was a joke from the spice telegram group, you needn’t tip me for it. Thanks though.
· 2,000 sats 219d
Glad you’re back, I was beginning to think bad things.
sent · 1,000 sats 221d
I’ve had meltdowns on social media before, it’s a common occurrence.
sent · 1,000 sats 221d
When are you planning your airdrop?
sent · 1,000 sats 221d
Thanks for the sats, uther!!
sent · 1,000 sats 221d

This is, in no uncertain terms, my finest work. I hope it's to your liking.

Memo, feel free to watch and give feedback. The video is unlisted so use the link.
sent · 1,000 sats 222d
Should I upload to YouTube like last time?
sent · 1,000 sats 223d
You'll be pleased to know I've made my selection for the knuckles audio. I'll try to outdo myself on this one.
sent · 1,000 sats 223d
Link me some music or suggest a track for inspiration. I need to gather my thoughts for the knuckles musical score. .
sent · 1,000 sats 223d
If you’re really set on killing this project and not returning, I’d like to be reimbursed for the CC I have. Please consider it.