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United American Corp missed their window to serve all necessary defendants in their anti trust case against bitmain and may have it tossed as a result.
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Unusual Uther
Hang in there. Have a pancake or something when your stomach allows for it.
Unusual Uther
· 4h
Too drunk to drink more.
Still pissed off.
Let us rumble!
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I bet those golden tickets make the chocolate taste terrible.
· 11h
2019.11.14 - The crypto market is still just a pathetic farce...

#Crypto #Fail
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Dude, nuh uh! Not even!!
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How would you feel about reaching out to Richard knife? He wants help making an atom symbol for his own currency and your artistic abilities fit the bill.
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That’s a lot of spice up for grabs. I’m going to take my time and put together something special.
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I see that now...
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Quite possible some you’re most visually appealing, innovative work to date. Good stuff B-Rye.
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We push things on you to make you sick and then offer a cure. No different than General Motors tearing miles of train track from the ground to help sales.

Let good be thy medicine.
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Unusual Uther
I was intrigued by the information and wanted your opinion/perspective on it.
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Turn em upside down and they all like like sisters :)
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Fuckin a! Exactly what I was going to say... ignore the hell out of that... don’t even block her... just ignore, permanently!
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Unusual Uther
The information presented in the link to the screenshot. Read it, then discuss..
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Sounds like an individual that would be injured on a primal level if nobody paid her any attention at all..
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David knife
I think Bre gecko did some custom images for Sept Mike that turned out nicely, did you try asking her?
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Drinking my beer.
· 18h
If bitcoin.com adds USDT to their exchange, I may dump my bags and look for a project that keeps better company. This isn’t what I signed up for and I imagine several of our developers feel similar.
· 18h
Oh, and a brief nicety to share for core purists holding tight until they profit off the very system that warranted cryptographic currency from the the beginning; Thanks for selling out and making the world uglier.