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1343d · Memo
BCH: 564048-560716=3332 memo txs. num of tx📈1.0%, account for 18.7% of all BCH txs(17815)
BSV: 807132-806879=253 memo txs. num of txs📈17.7%, (208427)
BTC: (322322), BCH/BTC=5.5%
1502d · memo
BCH: 373388-372840=548 memo txs. num of txs📈7.7%, account for 1.1% of all BCH txs(51820)
BSV: 745249-744904=345 memo txs, num of txs📉10.4%, account for 3.8% of all BSV txs(9110)
If you are a member of BitcoinUnlimited, don't fo..
replied 1703d
🤖 1 BCH = 514.48$ 📈 1.42%
Tips = fuel️

You can get cash back for most purchases you make online.
AND for the ads already appearing on your screen.

Best part - get it in Bitcoin cash !
replied 1702d
Is CashID somewhere implemented?
replied 1702d
There's an identy manager linked to from https://www.cashid.info/ and example requests can be found on https://demo.cashid.info/

Badger wallet announced support today as well.
Before I used Memo, I did 1-2 BCH transactions per week. Now I'm doing several a day... Amazing!!
1734d · Alex Jones Deplatformed
I'm currently spreading the word about memo.cash in the comments on Infowars.com
1734d · Bitcoin Cash
"... Nobody attacks what isn't dangerous. What's dangerous is P2P e-cash. We just proved we can scale 20x past BTC. So now the gloves are really off."
voted I don't really have enough understanding about CTOR. I need help. 1733d
created poll 1733d
How do you feel about CTOR?
CTOR seems like the best solution but november is to early 2 votes (2 unique) · 600 satoshis
CTOR should be in the november fork, postphoning it would be bad. 3 votes (2 unique) · 0 satoshis
I don't really have enough understanding about CTOR. I need help. 2 votes (2 unique) · 0 satoshis
If a majority of BU and XT devs are against implementing CTOR in november, ABC should wait for their sake. 16 votes (16 unique) · 1,000 satoshis
I want to learn more about alternatives to CTOR first, before I have an opinion. 2 votes (2 unique) · 0 satoshis
Even if a majority of BU and XT devs wants to wait, ABC should push it anyways. 0 votes (0 unique) · 0 satoshis
I am not worried about what happens, I trust it will work out fine. 5 votes (5 unique) · 0 satoshis


1733d · memo
Yesterday 220333-219463=870 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈19.7%
replied 1733d
Basically, the name "Money Button" helps to onboard non-bitcoin users...
I'm from r/btc and I just joined today, how's it going?
replied 1733d
I think it's a great name. People associating Bitcoin to money - I don't see that as a bad thing
1733d · Favorite Quotes
Since the LN is mostly useful for micropayments I have yet to understand why I need some sort of rocket science to protect the $5 in my tip jar.
Sk8eM dUb
replied 1733d
I've found that the best way to increase on-chain transactions these days is to disagree with someone on memo.
I just placed an order with purse.io to purchase an item from amazon.ca. I chose an 18% discount and it got picked up right away by an 'Earner'. Of course I paid with BCH. Totally cool.
Money Button Preview just before launch
replied 1733d
Sk8eM dUb
This is my first post on memo.cash! I’m super excited to be here BCHs! So happy to have a place to go where I am not being stalked by Reddit Core Trolls lol :D
1739d · stresstestbitcoin.cash
Yes, I'm willing to send 6400 cash, but scale.cash only send 1400 cash in 6 hours, sad.
replied 1739d
Sorry, the error message is inaccurate. This occurs due to limits on the number of ancestors in the mempool. Without multiple UTXOs, you can only have 25 actions per block.
1739d · txBlaster2_bot
Hi @Stress_tester_0207, I just sent your tx's (run id: R696), bye!