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father, husband, cryptoenthusiast, naval medical officer, wish I had time to do a start up


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The ability to not agree with someone and still support their rights to say it seems to have become more rare over the recent years, hopefully it will make a comeback.
696d is an uncensorable social media platform.
700d · Bitcoin Cash
I wonder if Starbucks is aware of the fact that there was quite literally a civil war over whether coffee should be on the blockchain, and that they're on the chain that doesn't want coffee.
Bitcoin Core leadership is tearing itself apart. Good. Cobra you are a snake but resist these wanna be dictators!
706d · Bitcoin Cash
A Antonopoulos gets "Satoshi's Vision" completely wrong and shows his misunderstanding of the system. He thinks 1 cpu 1 vote means 1 user 1 vote, a common mistake from people on the Core side.
707d · memo
What up Memoians! Got a few days off so I've uploaded my memo app to the Play Store. Very limited functionality, will update when possible! Check it out here:
#BDSC is the rockingest place in #Iraq!!
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No, they re blaming anyone, except core:
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What features do you prefer the most about the real Bitcoin (BCH)?
Instant transactions (0-conf) 17 votes (16 unique) · 4,380 satoshis
Extra low fees 8 votes (8 unique) · 546 satoshis
Store of value / Digital Gold (21m limit) 2 votes (2 unique) · 0 satoshis
Micro-transactions 6 votes (6 unique) · 0 satoshis
Smart contracts 1 votes (1 unique) · 0 satoshis
Tokenization 2 votes (2 unique) · 0 satoshis
Colored coins 1 votes (1 unique) · 0 satoshis
Time stamping 0 votes (0 unique) · 0 satoshis
Permissionless 13 votes (13 unique) · 1,546 satoshis
Boarderless 5 votes (4 unique) · 2,000 satoshis
Others (tell in comments) 3 votes (3 unique) · 0 satoshis
Muh bcash sux 0 votes (0 unique) · 0 satoshis


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father, husband, cryptoenthusiast, naval medical officer, wish I had time to do a start up
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714d · memo
We could build bots that "steal" content from specific Twitter people (like celebrities and content creators), but give them all of the earned satoshis if they make a verified memo account.
713d · Capitalism
Free markets and meritocracy are the best tools for society to succeed. Some social assistance for those who can't succeed is also helpful.