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Lightning Network is a distraction from real crypto adoption.
"Vitaluk Buterin - I think Bitcoin Cash value at the moment is underrated":

Gigameg....still makes me "chuckle" :-D
BSV trade volume is reaching anemic levels, and miners are according to BitMex research, losing money.
Recent events are not bringing any confidence that it will change for BSV regardless of tech/UX. Economy matters.
3.83 ahould add Badger Wallet button support like Satoshi Dice for deposits.
Does anyone here know if have fixed their funding bugs? I don't want to throw more out money, until I know it has been fixed and I want to support some of the people there.
"Truth is like poetry, and most people fucking hate poetry." #BCHPLS
Fun fact: BCH HAS reached pre-split valuation again.

To all those asshats that tried to divide & conquer BCH -- you FAILED! :-*
Fun fact: BCH is nearing pre-split valuation.
Interesting (and scary) video about the new crop of socialist democrats (US politics):

This is a cool Bitcoin cartoon:

#dailymemo is buggy a.f. at the moment. Whenever I try to send funds via PowerChat I get an error telling me the tx is stuck and then offered the option to get it refunded.
Anyone else has those problems?
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Hi Memo. Is it not possible to send funds from one's Memo wallet to another "normal" BCH wallet?
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Funny, a Blockstream actually already called out Blockstream in 2017 for bullshit priorities:

Samson Mow DEBUNKED in 15 minutes:

What do ya say guys? The recent BCH rally - should we call it "The Peter Rizun curve" and hope that it will go down in history as the day of the turning point? :-)