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ABC is just an implementation.
nchain/cg are vocal of their control over BSV.
Yeah that's true. I'm trying to get rid of the regulation mindset. Not always easy.
There something like 9 public BCH implementations. Miners are free to choose one other than ABC.
Coingeek and nchain.

To deny this, you must be either highly misinformed or mentally challenged.
haha "welcome to Memo, the only social media without ctrl z"
Tried to like Sam's post.
Liked my own instead.
Tried to undo the like.
Double-liked my post instead.
This is the smoothest simple crypto gambling game I have seen yet. Absolutely brilliant! :-)
Actors Explain Bitcoin

While on set for a feature film shoot, I quizzed a few of my fellow actor friends to see how much a person outside of the crypto world knows about bitcoin.
Will Memo solve this problem? I hope so.
lawsuits. That speaks volumes about which currency and community is the legitimate Bitcoin currency and community. Satoshi never threatened to sue anyone for anything ... ."
"It's interesting how it's only BTC and BSV people who keep threatening BCH people with defamation lawsuits. It's only us BCH people who don't threaten our competitors with frivolous
Every single comment or post made on independent, blockchain based social media contributes to the liberation of information flow.


But BCH is bitcoin
Bitcoin is not an enforceable registered trademark. It is essentially a generic term. BCH complies with the white paper and originates back to block no. 1.
Either way, you're both on the same side - fiat.

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Is there a way to use exclusively on the app?
Long Live BCH Blockchain.
The security implications seem scary enough to overwhelm the benefits.
Yesterday 318188-317533=655 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈38.8%|abc(318168-317512=656,📈39.0%),sv(705689-704864=825,📉3.4%)
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What cryptocurrencies do you use frequently?
Just rang the pub, First BCH meet up gonna happen in town. Any addvice?
This week's Bitcoin Cash news update is out!
inefficiency under socialism, and still is under capitalism. Tech could make it all better by undercutting and even completely supplanting it with decentralized solutions.
Instead of debating Capitalism vs. Socialism wouldn't it be better to work on decentralized solutions which help with both systems? The current shortcoming are the banks and the state, which was
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I'm happy to announce the release of Memo mobile app for Android! (iOS coming soon)