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Samson Mow DEBUNKED in 15 minutes:

What do ya say guys? The recent BCH rally - should we call it "The Peter Rizun curve" and hope that it will go down in history as the day of the turning point? :-)
BSV camp are so triggered by the simple notion of freedom and freedom of trade between assets. State boot lickers is what they are:

I wonder if the recent BCH price spike is due to Peter Rizun defacing and calling out the whole Lightning Network design as one big boondoggle... :-)
Cash is king. Digital cash is the kingmaker.
Nice Fivebucks alternative - Workingforbitcoins:
Any devs here who has time to help Yeeld (POS) implement BCH support? Look here:
Is this the end of the "Era of the Bogs" and the beginning of the "Era of the Sminem"?
Good read and suggestions for dealing with trolls and increasing BCH adoption:
Coinspice - Lightning vs. Bitcoin Cash
Nice burn :-)

Satoshi Dice & Badger Wallet - FAST AS F*CK

"The reports of bitcoin environmental damage are garbage" - some truth. Worth a read!
You also store files on the BCH chain with BitcoinFiles:
As usual most of Bcore troll tweets on CryptoTwitter is bullshit. The latest "Coinbase edited their BCH payment video"-bla is of course also bullshit. This guy shows it:
Will Memo solve this problem? I hope so.
Podcast interview with Amaury Sechet on CoinSpice. Actually quite level-headed and interesting.
Badger Wallet and Badger Button. Smooth commercial video. Cool :-)
Just gave a pug snacks for BCH :-D
Looking forward to the next bull market cycle. BCH and other on-chain scaling based cryptos will show what real utility means ;-)
Happy New Year! 2019 will be the year of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). I am certain of it!
Buy buy BSV and LTC. It was fun rubbing butts for a little while ;-)
...but the people behind are starting to become really tiresome. The amount of new information and general usefullness is diminishing from that camp.