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This is good for Bitcoin
Statist gonna state
Ya boi just got a raise. :)
· 14h
Art by @BROLGA
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Looks like a place where I don't want to park my car :-p
could we do so that uploading a profile picture becomes more userfriendly? You can use my IPFS server if you want.
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Pedal to the metal, then! Go! :-)
Hungary is blue ocean for blockchain business, it seems.
Coffee is now on sale for only 4,827 Sats each cup. An yeah you gotta buy them in bulk so get over it.
Why #CashAssembly?

Translate Script to WebAssembly which is compiled to machine code. Makes sense for big scripts called very frequently as they'll be executed blazingly fast.
This is to test BitSocket.
BCH: 536725-534818=1907 memo txs. num of tx📉15.8%, account for 4.2% of all BCH txs(45880)
BSV: 800401-799830=571 memo txs. num of txs📈1.4%, (149444)
BTC: (351908), BCH/BTC=13.0%
I created this video to help contestents in the SLP hackathon. A walkthrough on how to set up a development environment, create tokens, mint tokens, and send tokens.
Price is skyrocketing
The prize pool for the #SLPVH hackathon is growing!

#BCH + #SLP prizes

Excellent opportunity for #Venezuela and #Philippine devs to make money.
Good job!
Helped another #BCH dev get a job today. The biggest thing entrepreneurs are looking for is someone to guide them through the hype.

Money is coming back into the space. Let's make sure to keep it real this time.
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It's a great honor to be on this team & I look forward to accomplishing great things
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on this level—Trulia raised $100M via IPO & was acquired by Zillow for $2.5B. IMO is operating at that level or greater.
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is felt across the entire BitcoinCash ecosystem. I want to thank @rogerkver for his philanthropy of so many parts of the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem & of his patronage of my work personally
I want to step back & appreciate the quality and quantity of work coming out of @BitcoinCom. The impact we're having from mining, dev tools, merchant services, games, apps, exchanges, R&D, marketing and ambassadorship
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buy more crypto early 2017 instead of silver, lol