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Unusual Uther
Not much. Around ~5% of my total crypto.
· 5d · Memo Suggestions
I would like if #memo would automatically put the minimum amount of a certain token when i want to "star" someones post. This would make starring nearly as easy as liking!
Unusual Uther
· 2h
Bitcoin Core dominance is at the top, they are not going any higher.
That is what I believe. They will fall from here, they can't maintain it, the price is so high and they are running out of propaganda.
Unusual Uther
· 2h
· 2h
Everyone howl that BTC fell below $8000 and I care about these charts:


· 4h
I can't decide what excites me most. That BCH has the potential to take away control & power from politicians or that it functionally is a superiour international cash system.

· 23h

Since 2008 supports Bitcoin

For BTC maxis:
2008 - 2017-08-01 - supports Bitcoin
since 2017-08-01 - scam, intentionally confuses newbies, Ver's propaganda, devil, supports bcash, fake bitcoin
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· 15h · ADD Token (Air Drop Daily)
Looks like the 28th is great day to drop some coins!!!
· 12h
Sometimes all it takes is a conversation to make everything better. Misunderstandings can waste so much time and energy. #dailymemo
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· 1d · SideShift AI
It seems we can shift coins on SideShift.AI without an access code now:

My referral link:
· 1d
I did not know that explorer contains Bitcoin Cash.

· 2d
Simple Ledger Postage Protocol: Enabling A True SLP Token Ecosystem On Bitcoin Cash
by Ⓥin Ⓐrmani
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· 1d
Conspiracy at glance lol
· 1d
Get started with & Node.js with this simple tutorial. You obviously need Node.js installed but everything else is handled through npm, which is included.
bought 1 CelticsWinAirDrop for 525,000 satoshis from · 1d
· 1d
Just finished watching this and am even more convinced that BCH attracts the brightest minds in the space. #dailymemo
· 1d · Bitcoin Cash
· 2d
"Talkers are losers!" (2:36) Marc de Mesel went to several conferences and meet-ups about cryptocurrencies in Southeast Asia. He shares his thoughts with us.

· 2d · Bitcoin
Store of Value lol
· 2d · Bitcoin Cash
Simple Ledger Postage Protocol: Enabling A True SLP Token Ecosystem On Bitcoin Cash

Not sure of how it works but it seems good for Bitcoin Cash.
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