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I just went and registered a new account for the old account I had. Somehow, just somehow, now has a feature that lets people not pay for their messages. Woo. 600 sats on that account permanently.
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Dear Lord that's a lot of new users. That's good to know. Hello guys! basically constitutes a small amount of tx traffic anyway, and glad to see people going for it!
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sent · 1,000,000 sats 275d needs to go open source and let others help fix this site.
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At least this time my account is fixed, 47 days late...
Where the hell is the fucking dev for, I'm seeing a growing number of people unable to see their deposited tokens and BCH on this site. People shouldn't contact [email protected] for this shit!
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Never tried. Apparently everyone else is having this problem.
sent · 2,000,000 sats 323d
If I'm not able to re-deposit this back, the site has a problem.
sent 42 LITH to
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If you have Monolith/Lith tokens, otherwise it's alright.
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It actually appears in, instead of, so it's on this end.
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Don't really need reimbursement, I didn't lose anything. I was just hoping to buy some SLP tokens but, eh, probably just aging software at this point.
Yeah, is broken. I can't use my latest deposit at all, only the amount of BCH I was tipped with...
test, apparently broke and doesn't recognize my new deposit.