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Someone's spamming the network with trash websites.
Times change, and sometimes it is not the best change. The only way to move on and accept it is to not complain about it as soon as you can.
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For a moment I thought the site didn't let me in again. Ugh...
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Any examples for Ethereum smart contracts/programs that can't be done in SmartBCH right now?
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LBRY Inc. gets paid by the amount of usage and LBC they get from their vids, that is to say not much. The "premine" is why LBRY has rewards. No premine, no rewards, no new users sadly.
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sent · 50,000 sats 91d really needs to change to CashAddr form...
A Memo user is a user who has subscribed to Uther and is always looking at his posts for some good daily random memes.
Ever had that moment that you have no idea where your new sats for Memo usage came from? I temporarily forgot that I had topped my Memo account via CCTip.
A few hours ago, implemented minimum payouts for its users. What that means is that we will no longer have as many microtips, but tips will now be of all sizes.
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I decided to use Memo again anyway. This BitClout is just annoying.
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Best to not follow through and just watch through the sidelines. Member was able to relay BitClout posts, after all. Who knows how insecure must it really be to be compat with Memo...
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I did see a few crypto influencers calling it a scam, and after hearing scottcbusiness's video and the fact that their encryption isn't really secure at all plus those, well...
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It really might be. FreeTrade was able to connect BitClout's messages to the Memo Protocol, which does reveal a rather... surprising amount of things about it.
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Originally at 1L1UCkqUTnKWcMU6pLbP5BPfw3H2egbbLP. Roleplayer, Furry, Programmer, Bitcoin Casher.
Note to self, only use wallet on wallet, unless you want to not recognize the funds on change wallet. At least it's a bit cleaner than just one WIF.
How tiring must it really be to handle the Bitcoin Cash network? Multiple people are building on it, multiple protocols, a few stubborn people still thinking Legacy is better than CashAddr, but it is home.
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I don't know what @FreeTrade was doing when he implemented/let BitClout be implemented, but it's a loss for those who wants to use Memo while locked out of the site.
Not really happy I had to abandon my old Memo. account and key, but hey, Memo doesn't have the way to actually delete accounts properly.
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