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Need rest now
Good bye everyone hope tomorrow will be better and disappeared tippers come back ✨
Tomorrow we are going to watch a movie in college off course it's not a Hollywood suspense adventures movie but an educational one what are you expecting fast and furious never 😂😂
I have a serious headache but no I have to study cause a degree is more important than my mental health. Wish it's not a migraine
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Yah but when it was shining at sky we were like it's hot. 😂
"Missing your company on memo. Your 10,000-tip surprise was unforgettable. Hope to see you back soon!"
"Good morning! Each day is a fresh start filled with new opportunities. Make it a positively radiant one!"✨
A bunch of books presents right in front of Me and asking me to open them but as usual, I am enjoying the cool breeze 😶‍🌫️
Satoshi is getting low and this means I can't continue all of this need to change the platform or find something else. Hope things get well soon
Finally the cloud are here I am so excited last night the wind was like "" I'll give you chills " 😄😄
Today I decided not to go to college and spend time with my mother and help her with the house chores. It's hard for one person to take care of her whole family but salute your mother cause she's doing it.❤️
Do winter forget to come back??? It's getting so hot and there we go no electricity
Chemical reaction, structure, formulas , naming chemistry is quite good 🤓
A busy day with alot of assignments and presentation, quiziz and mids . Physics!!! Don't know what to say about this but I am struggling with this 😶😶
Enjoying the tension 😶 and anxiety
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No idea
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Nice plan by the way 😂
We are living in complete chaos we have to do this and that, and every minute is busy like hell just need to relax but no we have a lot of things on our plate.
When will this be over? when will be free ?
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Congrats 👏
Thanks to Allah my bother is alright now it was just a muscle injury. Playing laughing and wasting my money on snacks 🍩 but it's okay I am happy that he is alright. I 🤍 you baby.
It is so difficult to carry the traumas of our loved ones when there is no one else to carry ours.
In shadows' embrace, we bear their pain, our hearts heavy, longing for a hand to share our own.
All the family members get depressed when one of the individuals gets sick,injured.They started to take more care of that person this reminds me that family is the most important things and a blessing anyone can have.
My brother fell yesterday while playing football with the kids and now he can't even stand on his feet. And now everyone is tense and praying for my baby brother ☄️✨
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If we put these fake people aside. Yes everything is well 🙃
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You remind me of noodles 🍝 I think I should cook 🧑‍🍳
It hurts when you are available for all of your friends and family when they need you but the moment you need their help they are nowhere to be found Then come back and make lame excuses.You think I need your apology?