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Helping to hasten the implementation of universal basic income! Whether through fiat UBI or a basic income cryptocurrency. Help to eliminate poverty.

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Guaranteed basic income program begins for 1,000 Los Angeles County residents, providing $1,000 a month
Networks of credit unions and (B-Corp) banks could implement a universal basic income.
Focus on educating those who are already open minded about basic income.
Support crypto UBI and nonprofits implementing a privatized basic income.
Support unions please!
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Dex with yield farms to fund crypto ubi value and support? Multi sig dex yield farms to fund ubi through donations to multi sig yeild farms?
Crypto UBI and/or a Privatized Universal Basic Income Ideal
Privatized Universal Basic Income Through a Nonprofit
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Free money trial ‘shows why unconditional cash would ease cost of living crisis’
Universal basic income and Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs
Use stock markets and ETF's to fund universal basic income?
Universal Basic Income: How It Could Help Us - Saving the World Ep. 10 Part 1
Wales Basic Income For Foster Teens
Basic Income, art, and being moved along