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Hey everyone!🤗
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BTFD!!!!! Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams
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replied · 117d
There's now two memo worlds.
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Moving along like normal.
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We've missed you.
It’s been awhile! How’s everything in the Memo world?
· 117d
There is a place for everybody under the #Sun.
When you open up memo and have 🔔0

Makes me kinda sad.
· 129d
Not that any of you care, but I spend at least a solid 3 minutes of each day thinking of what to post for my #dailymemo.
(video) I like 'n respect Mr. Wonderful but he is just wrong, or more precisely ignorant - I can excuse that... but this Pomp guy who's all over lately should know better, BCH is Bitcoin
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Great Job Team Bitcoin Cash!
For awhile I was starting to feel like all the fiat I have been investing since the end of the last bull run was being flushed down a crypto shaped toilet. It’s nice to see it’s all paying off now 😎
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The U.S seems to be the slowest in BCH users. People need to wake up. Every Restaurant I go into, when they ask me how I am going to pay, I ask them "If they accept Bitcoin Cash. They look like deer in headlights.
I also have a ton of fun freaking people out as Lady Death! Lol
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I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t watched prices in about a week and I can say checking it today made me happy as hell!🤗
Getting closer and closer to 1k! 🤗
Well Bitcoin Cash was catching Ripple, but Ripple is surging today and BCH in now 10 billion back again. It's hard to compete with the banks, and the banks love ripple
Starbucks Finally Accepts Bitcoin Cash Along With Wholefoods, Nordstrom, and Others
Any plans for a stress test after the fork?