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Long live the Republic!
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Good morning world
and users from
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sir the wood that we used for the roof cost maybe its 10dollar 😔😔😔😔😔😔
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You still here dude ? Almost a month since your last post.
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#EndSlavery Pre-registration Post.
Submission opens at 2020-10-21+00:00:01 UTC
How to participate in this contest:
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Try to be nice...
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My username is Yokami
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This is the week of the largest SLP Airdrop in history of RFND:

Wed Oct 7 - 35 million RFND/35 million VNT for both community

Friday Oct 9 - 50,000 Sweet (for Refundians)/ 50 million RFND (For Sweet Community)
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Smash that reload until you get version 4.6.0+

It's substantially better!

Profile pics!

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See who liked and tipped a post!

Super new logo!

Happy Member Monday!
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"How i made 1.1 million USD asking for 1.1 million USD"
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I don't know what will happen after death, but i hope i see the GTA V "WASTED" screen.
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Good news everyone! withdraws its support for the retarded protocol tax:

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I found those bitcoin cash tits everyone keeps begging for
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President Trump Gives an Update on the Nation's Coronavirus Testing Strategy
42,429 views•Sep 28, 2020


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Namibia "The Land God Created in Anger" Our ancestors knew it well in advance"
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Yesterday, there were
17850 txs on BCH chain, 302055 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=5.9%
1039651-1037116=2535 memo txs, 📉5.6% (compared w/ prev 2684), account for 14.2% of all BCH tx
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1184d · donald trump rapes and murders children will, from this day forward, be banning this topic. Nah. Only kidding. Carry on, lunatics.
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