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I love BCH🤭😉

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sent · 555 sats 139d
Good morning
sent · 555 sats 161d
Bro can you spare me some sats just need some meds for my sore throat.badly need some help to go to work for tomorrow.Please bro..please.
sent · 555 sats 238d
Sending this to you bro..hope you like it..

sent · 555 sats 266d
My favorite thing about 2020 is that having a healthy family inspite of the pandemic and the calamity we've been through..please notice my post bro..🙏🙏🙏
sent · 555 sats 270d
Thank you my friend🥰
sent · 555 sats 270d
please give me some sats for posting..thank you.
sent · 555 sats 272d

sent · 555 sats 277d
Thanks bro...hope you like this christmass tree😊
sent · 555 sats 277d
i cant post a christmas tree coz we dont have any...but i am also hopeful you will also help us..
sent · 555 sats 280d
i know you dont like me at all...thata why you didn't notice my post.😓😓
sent · 555 sats 281d
sent · 555 sats 281d
bro help me please...i dont have anything now...
sent · 555 sats 281d
sir help me please🙏🙏its my mom 1st death anniversary...i need money to buy her some flowers and candles.please help me..sir please😓😓😭
sent · 555 sats 309d
Its good to know your doing fine..
sent · 555 sats 310d
good day my many happenings here in memo i cant catch up..hope your doing fine ther..
sent · 555 sats 317d
Would you help us..please..
sent · 555 sats 317d
Bro please help us..
sent · 555 sats 321d
sorry if i piss you off for saying notice me over and over again..i just need some sats for my maintenace..cause at a young age i suffer from diabetes..😢
sent · 555 sats 322d
i'm not a CCP agent...i dont know how and what is a CCP Agent..please believe me bro.
sent · 555 sats 342d
Please notice my post too..
sent · 555 sats 348d
thank you usual uther for following me
sent · 555 sats 349d
thanks bro for tipping..i never imagine that you'll going to tipped me that much
sent · 555 sats 350d
i'm kinda new here hope you like what i posted..