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Separation of currency and state.


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People are not really harmed by vaccines outside the rare allergic reaction.
If it's not a religion why do you react this way to me calling it that? "Taxation is theft" is (dogmatically shallow) tribal signaling just like "believe women" or "God is good".
What is the alternative to FDA/CDC regulation of medicine? No regulation at all?
I've heard some vegans see honey as not vegan. How do you feel on that? Mostly curious.
I am constantly learning about bitcoin,
finally the economics is making sense
at a very basic level.

This speculation scene will disintegrate
as true value rises.

So as I said. People are not jailed for it everywhere. Lots of times it takes extreme circumstances. That said you are morally obligated to pay taxes if you benefit from them.
No that is not communism. You lose those basic human rights under communism. That is according to people who have been made to love under communist rule.
It is this form of misunderstanding that makes you post such foolish memes. Political revolution would be the worst thing to fight climate change.
It doesnt matter if the fork of an argument is valid. It matters more if it is sound,and that requires true premises. That is where your logic often fails you.
This is why you always prematurely celebrate your win in an argument. You dont see how it is based on faulty premises
Fact 4, while we have caused enough damage that we cant stop climate change, we can reduce what the extent of the damage will be. That is the point of goals for not raising it so much.
You fact three misses rate the other way around. It takes far linger to reabsorb the carbon. That happens on geological time scales. We have burned those scales in decades.
You fact 1 doesnt seem to understand the importance of the rate of burning. Your fact 2 also doesnt understand the idea of rate of change. Both are happening too fast is the problem.
Yeah iru, that is just propaganda. The reality is that there is far more data on the subject then you realise. We understand inmate change quite well.
LightRider, the best way you could help fight climate change is to problebaly keep hour mouth closed on the issue as your words drive people the other way.
I read one of them. Like I said though. I only suspected it of other Commonwealth nations.
Okay I followed the link. It makes my point for me. Britain has a bad history with debtors jail. They got rid of people being jailed for debts.
As it is Tesla is going to be a major disrupter despite facing so many external attacks form those invested in the industries he is looking to compete with.
As it is the free market can beat the fossil fuel industry. The market is not free though. They are a multitrillion dollar industry that are deeply involved with governments.
It isn't a simple matter of getting over it. They are causing damage. There is a lot of infrastructure to dismantle. It isn't a simple market issue.
Diversity, sure. He problem is that fossil fuels are such a large industry that they push other things out of the market. If it wasn't for their momentum they would fail on their own.
Ah, yes. Each place has advantages for different power. Nuclear is the best for a strong backbone for the grid. Batteries make the grid more stable though.
It isn't about entitlement. You underestimate the damage their industry does. In the very least we need to use a carbon tax to make them pay for some of their damage.
I do though. We know that climate change will be a problem. We know it will cause massive future costs. So the longer the fossil fuel industry stays the more future debt we have.
The problem is how much infrastructure is built around the fossil fuel industry. They dont want to dismantle that infrastructure since they want more of a return on their investment.