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Separation of currency and state.


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replied · 14h
He is right. Best not to. Especially since this is at least two pools, not one.
replied · 14h
Seems the other miners/nodes can see this as at least two other mining pools with no registered names in the Coinbase.
replied · 1d
Yes, and I once believed as you. Then I looked into the data, and learned to understand the data. Then I realized we are obviously causing climate change. We can measure how much so.
replied · 1d
Yes, it does have a deeper impact. The world takes thousands of years to absorb added carbon. So the rate we add it is too much for the carbon slicks to absorb. I did dig.
Sun cycles, and ice ages and other thifs deniers bring up just do not have the evidence behind them.
To deny humans cause climate change is to deny all the evidence, or to belive in false evidence. I once thought it was a hoax, but I started to see through that story.
There are always extremists. As it is we can actually measure how much added CO2 is due to us, and it is about all of it. So we know we are causing the climate to destabilise.
replied · 1d
PragerU is not a university. They are a pure propaganda group.
It seems those fires were from the old leased panels back from Solar City, the company that Tesla bought. Whoever was doing maintenance wasn't doing it properly.
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Why is it even Porsche can not create an EV that has comparable specs to a Tesla?
A real breakdown of EV's, and why Tesla is ahead of the competition.
The sequel we didn't even know we wanted.
replied · 4d
According to the available info it is at least 2 different entities. Looks like pools without a name in the Coinbase.
One in four citizens of Honk Kong at one rally. You can not pretend a protest hurts the community when the protesters are the community.
replied · 7d
There is no way to tell which side of the debate either of you is on. It looks like you are both hating the other for being a climate change denier.
Understanding the Tesla motor, and what drives a Tesla.
As always, let's look at the data. Can Tesla Autopilot help save lives?
replied · 11d
Is it zealotry when I point out the mistakes of flat earthers as well? You say blatantly incorrect, or foolish things, and I call you out on it.
This looks awesome. What an amazing gaming idea.
Playing a lvl 8 Wood Elf Monk, way of the 4 elements. I took the Mobility feat, and Polearm Master. Love how any strike counting as a disengage, and then AoO when they enter my range.
Please Memo friends, help me, I will not get paid until 31 of this month, can anybody help me with at least 5$ for eating? Im desperate, I just want to cry, I will soon leave Venezuela for that rea