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Separation of currency and state.


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· 9h · Tesla
· 11h · Educational
Why is it so hard to recycle plastic?
· 19h · Hong Kong
· 1d · Educational
The Anthropic Principle Explained
· 1d · Tesla
Drag race, rolling race, and breaking test, Model S vs AMG GT 4 vs BMW M5 vs Porsche Panamera Turbo S.
· 1d · Tesla
Drag Race the Model 3, the E-Tron, and the I-Pace, and a Turbo Toyota Supra as well for good measure. Plus breaking and rolling race tests.
· 3d
I miss the way things use to be.
replied · 1d
Scrolling by I read that as "I miss the way thugs use to be." lol
· 2d · Educational
Loop Quantum Gravity. A quantum theory of gravity that tries to insert background independence of a general relativity, into quantum field theory.
· 2d · Tesla
When will people learn that if you mess with a Tesla, they see you.
· 3d · Tesla
Someone found how to disable all traction and stability control, etc. Let's you pull tight donuts and go crazy in your Tesla.
· 3d · Capitalism
Says the most prolific spammer on
· 3d · Globalism
Can Iran make a nuke? The effect of the USA backing out of he Iran Nuclear Deal.
· 3d · Bitcoin Cash
Devon 5, BCH and ETH after party!
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· 4d · Capitalism
Invest in the future you believe in.
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sent 10,000 💩 to · 4d
· 4d · Hong Kong
· 4d · memo
Well, this is a good example for people to say something can't be spam if it paid the fee.
· 4d · Educational
An important lesson learned. Really cool to watch.
· 4d · Educational
What actually happens if a nuke goes off in a city?
replied · 5d
That isn't a left wing group.
replied · 5d
I really doubt any left wing groups would share that.
· 5d · Tesla
I love how Tesla is the only car manufacturer with an active topic on memo, says so much.