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8h · covid-19
All this covidiot propaganda without a critical thought in their head. It's crazy how easily people are lead by their sheppard bloggers into tin foil hat land, then to bleat that others are sheep.
replied 8h
It's never been called the deadliest virus. That is not what makes it dangerous. It's how easily it spreads. It does not kill many, but it kills millions by infecting so easily.
9h · covid-19
Wow, this is as bad as when LightRider use to spam the Capitalism topic with communist propaganda.
9h · Tesla
Battery chemistry changes that may be coming.
replied 10h
Are you one of those Qanon believers? Always curious to see how far your lack of critical thinking has taken you.
replied 5d
Where I live they are starting with the elderly, and those who care for them, first. Then going down by age groups. We hope to get everyone who wants it, to get one by September.
replied 5d
I think yes, but at this point they prioritise those who have not to go first. Right now it's about getting enough vaccines. Different places prioritise differently.
5d · Educational
Clearest explanation of the Plank units and scale I have ever seen.
5d · COVID-19
For those who have been confused about reports of problems with PCR tests. Here is some info to understand the real issue.
replied 5d
Any legitimate source to back that up? There have been allergic reactions rarely, as expected, and the few reactions that happen are quickly reported on.
replied 5d
Not Twitter and FB, that is for sure. Are you claiming they are actually losing something by pointing out market fluctuations?
replied 5d
You do know hat Biden will be President, right? He was elected. Trump may want to end democracy, but his coup failed.
replied 5d
Did you just make that up, or get it from a shepard blogger?
replied 6d
Parlor's failure while TPB succeeds is what makes Parlor a joke. Tobias facing real censorship, not just companies refusing to provide server space.

The difference hurts their case.
replied 6d
Oh please do. You guys always talk a big game about revealing info, and then never have anything to show. Not sure how you can act so confident after all the failures.
replied 6d
Users and the company are two different thing. They are a company with money, but only about 12mil users.

Maybe you need to read more carefully.
replied 6d
He is no communist. Biden is a pretty right wing Dem. Funny to see people talking about him whispering in girls ears when Trump raped a little girl with his buddy Epstein.
replied 7d
replied 7d
Parlor was always rather small. What was it, 12 Mil users? Private companies decided to no longer rent them server space.

You don't believe in the right to refuse service?
replied 7d
We know because of the hacker who downloaded a lot of the posts and catalogued it for people to find. Your media conspiracy theories are funny though.
replied 7d
I am quite far from a communist. I often used Memo to explain why communism fails to the AnComs.

The fact is Parlor can't find anyone to rent them server space anymore.
replied 8d
People did not just post opinions on Parlor. They used it as a platform to plan terrorist attacks.

Do you think ISIS is just a group with strong political opinions?
replied 8d
I guess 2013 is when you joined then. You really are one of the best examples of what you complain about.
replied 9d
They were an organized attack. A clear act of insurrection. Trump needs to go down for inciting this.
replied 9d
Except in reality where we see many sick people test negative for Covid, and declared to have a cold, or the flu.

They even track how having the flu and Covid makes it worse.