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Separation of currency and state.


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1d · COVID-19
March 30th Spread Update. Using Italy's data to predict deaths in America.
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It was more about the cost benefits of doing so. The Cold War took president after. They sent probes instead of people. Now people are going back soon.
4d · COVID-19
US: 85,356 known cases, 1,246 deaths. 1.46% death rate. Cases up 24.7% since previous day.
2d · Tesla
Tesla Racing Channel got a new Raven P100D
2d · Tesla
Tesla Racing Channel got a new Raven Edition P100D.
2d · COVID-19
American's will die because there has been a failure in the nations leadership.
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They have not bothered to put people on the Moon, but they have put probes on various planets and moons, and out of the solar system. Space is inevitable in our future.
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No, I am just listening to leading experts in related fields I like to read up on. Not sure where you are getting your ideas from. Seems like the past and old ideas.
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I support Capitalism, I do not support America. I never claimed to. I am not American. That is why it is irrelevant to talk about your political issues with America.
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You brought up a big rant about Trump, and corruption. Your making my point that you are just capitalizing on the pandemic to push your views on people. Capitalism wasn't failing.
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Well the truth is the main limiting resource is energy. With enough energy we can easily provide for many times our current population and still be sustainable. It's about how we do it
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We seem to be on a path to moving here already. The price of LEO is dropping and soon it will be cheap to go to the Moon and back. We seem to be going that way.
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3d · COVID-19
COVID19 Spread Update March 28th
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Also, yes China is communist. Why would I argue they are not? I've never said they are not.
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Also, yes the American healthcare system sucks, and I would agree that the private sector has no place in healthcare. You can't use supply and demand on life or death.
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Yes, Trump is an idiot, but everything you said was irrelevant. None of that was capitalism failing.
4d · COVID-19
Simulating an Epidemics Spread:
4d · COVID-19
That was the March 27 update on the spread.
4d · COVID-19
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Vertical farming........