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Separation of currency and state.


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No one is forcing us to do anything. Miners are forcing themselves to use their reward to fund development.
replied 17h
Miners ate thinking about taxing themselves to fund development.
1d · Bitcoin Cash
The answer to the question of how to earn is the same with cash, or BCH. It's not really a development issue so much as an adoption issue.
replied 2d
You cry a lot about the proposal without actually saying what is wrong with it beyond vague statements about how it is bad.
replied 3d
Is it a high carbon footprint when a lot of miner power is from hydro electirc sources? Most miners setup near dams to be close to a cheap power supply.
Encountering a cougar in the woods.
replied 3d
So would this fund then mean that he miners would own the developers? Since the miners are the source of the funding?
3d · bitcoin cash
replied 3d
Explain how BCH suffers? What do you think is actually going on?
replied 3d
Explain how BCH suffers? What do you think is actually going on?
replied 3d
It's your opinion that this is the proper way. What makes you feel your opinion about what miners do matters more than the miners?
replied 3d
LMFAO XMRig has had a built-in dev fund donation ever since the randomx fork, mr. genius protocol developer. Dunning-Kruger effect, indeed.
replied 3d
Sure, they can follow your wishes. They could also follow their own wishes. The tragedy of the commons issue they are avoiding makes sense though instead of only some funding developer
replied 3d
You are free to leave, yes. Man do you like to tell people how things should be done though, even when it has zero effect on you.
replied 3d
We need things to get done, which means we can not be beholden to anarchists.
replied 4d
No, it is not a softfork. A softfork is when only miners need to upgrade to the new rules and not non-mining nodes. This is a hardfork that's why the dates are the same (15th May).
replied 3d
For someone who talks the anarchist lingo you sure sound like a dictator.
replied 3d
Why should the miners be forced to follow your wishes instead of their own? If they want to fund development, then pet them.
replied 4d
I think people often forget the about the audience that they are really trying to reach. The community won't grow if you think everybody will follow your beliefs.
The reality is the majority of people that use crypto are not Libertarian and they only care that it works. It's a very small percentage of people who are going to argue whether it's a tax on miners or not.
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Would you support a fork if BCH gets the involuntary protocol tax treatment?
Yes 11 votes · 23,000 satoshis
No 7 votes · 5,555 satoshis


5d · Marx
This is why we should never listen to religious leaders on how to run an economy, or a government.
6d · Educational
Does P = NP? The big questions in computer science. Well, I guess for the sake of encryption we better hope not.
BitcoinSV should renamed to BitcoinRO as in "Bitcoin ReOrg". LOL

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