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Separation of currency and state.


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Police violence is systemic. Even if you do not see it as a racial issue you should at least acknowledge the violence and inadequate training of the police.
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Guess you didn't look at the numbers. The amount of working force age men that died is significant. GDP will be hurt by how many workers died.
7h · COVID-19
Anyone who can understand numbers knows the official narrative is the correct one. I don't listen to conspiracy theories spread by foreign governments.
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22h · BlackLivesMatter
Someone has to tell you what America is because you do not have the slightest clue. To you America is what Russia tells you to believe.
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In what way did they bend over backwards for them? When do you think was the beginning? I doubt you are as informed as you think.

China and WHO did warn about this in January.
1d · BlackLivesMatter
That was a battle flag, not the flag of the confederacy. The was the battle flag of the traitor army.
1d · BlackLivesMatter
Besides, the confederate flag everyone flies is not even the confederate flag. It shows how little those who fly it understand their history they pretend to respect.
1d · BlackLivesMatter
Putting up statues to past traitors was never a good idea. Confederate statues and flags are anti-American.
1d · BlackLivesMatter
You have no idea what the constitution is about if you think these protests are not the embodiment of the American spirit.
1d · BlackLivesMatter
Doesn't matter what individual protesters have said. The general message matters most. Police violence is out of hand. The protests have shown his as police abuse right and attack press.
1d · BlackLivesMatter
Disbanding those that are beyond redeeming makes sense. NYPD and such need to be disbanded. Police unions can not be allowed as they are a main source of protection for criminal police.
1d · COVID-19
When a vaccine is found much of the madness will end. Even if the first vaccine only reduces the risk that itself would be a big help to getting things back to normal.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
If the system creates the conditions that lead to riots then the system has to change. That is the American way.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
The first amendment people cry about is also the right to assemble and protest. Do not ever bitch about your freedom of speech if you condemn the protests.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
The second amendment was not designed so that people could bear arms to protect an oppressive government. The second amendment was not for putting down protesters.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
Misinformation amd conspiracy theories have twisted people into fighting against the right to protest, and the right to hold authority accountable.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
Its ironic to see people against the protests that embody the founding spirit of america, act like it is foreign takeover. They tend to be the ones influenced by foreign propaganda.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
Disbanding police precincts has actually worked before. When the police turn bad you get rid of them. You then build a new police force. Cities in the USA have already done this.
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Always win when you trade long term. The markets have been going up with time.
2d · Tesla
A couple old Rebuilds competing on a cross country trip.
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I think that sill be awesome. I love seeing the progress we can make as a species. Cybernetics will be important as AI is rising up.
replied 3d
In the real version though it wouldn't allow mind control. It would allow an artificial layer to human brain function that would make peoples lives better.
replied 3d
Looks like they are starting with helping brain damage before moving to brain augmentation and allowing brains to connect to computers as a consumer product.
replied 4d
Fire trucks as well. Ambulances and fire trucks should always be allowed to pass.