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Separation of currency and state.


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I think Blockstream should hire these guys to do ads for BTC and LN.
Devs move to BCH. Not away. Expect the few sad ones who moved to BSV back when that cult began.
Capitalists are doing more to fight climate change than any communists/socialists LR. You would doom us to worse climate change with your resource economy.
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I'm sure in Saudi Arabia Dog mode will be called Wife mode.
Considering the skyrocketing costs of making a game I think that is fair. They said this will be two Blue-ray discs worth of game.
The Saudi's already have a stake in Tesla, and were looking at buying more. The Saudi's are investing a lot into alternatives because they see the coming end of the oil market they rely on.
The FF7 remake is going to be huge.
Purely amazing...
It's funny to see the news hate on a new all American car company for beating its Japanese competitors. It's crazy how well Tesla is doing with all the negative press about them.
The free market is moving to a cleaner future. That is why the Tesla Model 3 is the highest selling car by revenue in the US this last quarter. Beating the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.
Not to mention the cost of the damage by pollution. So comparing that puts oil at a higher price already.
Solar and wind are cheaper than coal already, and their price is going down while the price of oil is going up. The two are almost the same now.
As for the cost of the energy look at the trends and prices.
That is Canada's energy sources. Over 80% CO2 free. I know BC Hydro is mostly Hydro Electric. So all EV's are carbon free in BC. Also Carbon free in Ontario, and Quebec.
Electric Cars are about as climate friendly as you can get. Energy production is our worst CO2 source, with transportation being second worst. That is why these are the two most important.
I do look at info from independant sources, which is why I think the Hyperloop can not work. I think Elon may have realised his, and moved more to the Boaring Ckmoany instead.
Fusion is funded, but not here yet. Nuclear power, hydro, solar, and wind, is best for now. Also the Hyperloop does not really work. Probably why Elon sold it to Richard Branson.
Oil is no longer very essential to our energy production, as is actually nomonger cost competitive for energy. I know that Canadian energy is over 80% carbon free.
EV's have existed for a long time, but were not competitive with gas cars until lately with the Lithium Ion battery. Not to mention these vehicles seem to have lower life spans than gas cars.
Manufacturing will not stop, and it is even more flawed to think it should. We will produce things, so it is best to produce clean things. EV's are much cleaner, and make a significant impact.
I am a fan because of the quality of their product, and the vision of the company. I am looking to buy shares as I like to invest in the change I want to see in the world.
Sorry dixnirkel, but I look at valid data, and the valid data says Tesla is not the big polluter you think it is. Yes the Lithium mining in China killed some fish. Climate change matters more.
Your problem LightRider is that you listen to people like Lee Camp.