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Separation of currency and state.


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If we are just talking easily visible Mark's then you are wrong. I do it all the time.
Lots of old civilizations had disasters. That is not evidence for a global disaster. There is no evidence for any global disaster. At least outside of mass extinctions events.
Oh good. I'm trying to split and dump my SV as it is.
@30:10 “I don’t think I should have to be out there. Yes, but that doesn’t mean I have to bounce around oil front of TV cameras.” *while bouncing around in front of a camera*
Evidence of what? Evidence that old structures existed? No one disputes that.
Most of them when used properly. Not to mention whatever Mark's are easily weathered away.
Many proposed methods, but we dont know which they used. It doesmt really matter.
We see disasters happen all the time. There is zero evidence of a global disaster. Just many different unrelated disasters, spread over a long time frame.
I personally think healthcare is done better by the state. There are pros and cons, and I think the better balance with healthcare is having public coverage.
I think what people demand is for "someone else" to make decisions, and take the blame when thigs go badly. The reward is praise if things dont go badly.
Nothing advanced about that at all.
Yes it is.
Which means there is nothing special about them.
None of those require anything advanced.
It is actually statistically likely. The time frame is pretty broad.
I love the Upward Bound series, and I really like the idea of an Orbital Ring around the Earth.
Nothing is tainted, and ICO's are an interesting new idea. It should help some start ups, but like venture capitalists, one involved must know the risks.
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A term easily misused by spiritualists:
An easily abused term given a proper explanation: