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Which is why it is best to work now to make it a lesser mass extinction event by taking action now to diminish our future impact.
Being at the top when the foundation falls apart is hard. Hopefully we can adapt and be the first species at the top of the food chain to survive a mass extinction event.
Not all species can adapt fast enough to the changes. That ends up having ripple effects in the food chains.
Plants grow faster, but there is also slightly less nutrients in the food due to it. The real problem is that many plants depend on their local climates. Those climates are changing.
What is so bad that people must revolt? Seriously, what about our ever improving conditions should we be so upset about that we should topple the system in place that brought us the improvements
Looks like the story is what communists get to eat... nothing.
There yeah go. They pretty thoroughly debunk the stories of the Truth Movement.
What hit the Pentagon?
United 93
Why did the Twin Towers collapse?
Why did WTC7 collapse?
The elevator and mechanical penthouse fall through the middle of the building ten seconds prior to the classic truther shot of WTC7 collapsing. Which shows the structural portions had failed.
... tower leaning away from the shot. They also ignore the first ten second of the collapse after which it's mostly just the back wall which then starts collapsing.
Above I posted a video explaining WTC7. There was a large section of one of the towers that tore most of one side of WTC7 apart. The classic shot the truthers show makes it hard to see the...
I am not going to record my buddy talking about what he saw there though.
I already did provide video evidence. Its further up. Thoroughly debunked the truthers claims on all three towers, the Pentagon, and flight 97. Truthers like to hide the evidence.
The USA did create jihadists to fight against communism. Then got surprised that they turned against the USA after they stopped funding them. They created jihadists and then absconded them
Most of what the truth movement says is garbage, but yes the government has taken full advantage of the issue to twist it to their advantage.
I personally think conspiracy theories often come from other nations. Kind of an older version of the "Russian trolls" we hear about.
Well no. The president of the USA isn't just one man. He represents a nation. When he does something it needs to be judged more than if it was done by a regular person.
The government suspicious activity fors not prove it was an inside job. The truth movement lying about the official story shows they are less trustworthy than the government.
According to eye witnesses the truth movement is spreading bullshit. I know a guy who lived near by. The Core was still about 40 stories high days after the collapse.
Yeah they milked it and used it for everything they could. I myself mostly to rely dispel the myths about the towers collapsing because I once believed it myself, but I kept looking and its bull
Oh very true. They milked 911 for their war on terror for sure. It's just absurd to pretend the towers didnt fall because of the plane crashes, or that the Pentagon wasn't hit by a plane.