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Separation of currency and state.


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I kind of prefer Elizabeth Warren over Bernie though.
Why be scared of Bernie? He is not a socialist. Just a guy who advocates for strong social programs. Social programs are not socialism.
He probably says it to sound big. I doubt he is dumb enough to fire on the American army. He would have signed his own death warrant.
Why is the Cosmic Microwave Background so important?
Like how easily jealous partners tend to be more likely to cheat. They know they could easily cheat, and assume that of their partner.
I do find that when people are quick to dislike a flaw in people it is sometimes because that flaw exists within hem, and makes them assume it is in others.
True with Twitter, and YouTube, and Imgur.
It would be nice if Memo gave you the option to open a link within the native app. It instead asks me to download the app I already have.
To dat they are fascists may go a bit far though. Better to just sya they are people since most people are corrupt when they come into power. Often with good intentions.
No, that is wrong. Lots of anti BCH people in r/btc. Again the public logs show this is untrue. The communist bots. Why assume it is bots, instead of just an active sub?
While O do not care for anarchism myself, it is wrong to pretend they are just wannabe fascists. Well, maybe some of the AnComs might be... The AnCaps at least make some sense.
You know the mod logs of r/btc are public, and we can see that r/btc does not have the censorship that r/Bitcoin does. The censorship began long before the BCH fork was discussed.
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Was not an inside job are themselves much harder to find.
Especially when the videos that show 9/11 w
Considering 9/11 conspiracies, and flat earthers videos,both come up so commonly I can't believe they are being censored.
satoshi stack just came out. rule is something like last person to add to a stack before the limit gets all the BCH put in. & each addition adds time to the limit.
What do communists kill people for then? Seems communists kill vastly more people.
There are other fundamental forces going on that too fewconsider:
Bitmain announces next generation 7nm ASIC chip for SHA256 mining, delivering breakthrough energy efficiency
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