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Got everything I got on here
For those that say BSV is a pump and dump, yes, but that was only me buying a shitload daily 😉🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀‬
BSV only crypto up 6% today, other top ten red. #SatoshiPower
So this Metanet thing is pretty cool
Great talk. End game for Bitcoin. I finally get it!!
replied · 291d
At this point you actually have to be stupid to still think that CSW is not Satoshi.
replied · 291d
What eloquent way of talking, you're learning quick from CSW. Soon you will support him yourself.
replied · 291d
The only thing that will happen to BCH is choking on it's own checkpoints.
I fucked up so bad supporting Amaury. I should have supported Satoshi exclusively
I hope we can have an epic hashwar 2020 with BTC. My dream is to gain enough hashpower by then to take BTC out myself lol
The main difference is that ABC will be ETH 2.0 and BSV will be capable of 1 TB blocks in the near future. Also ABC gets driven by people out for profit instead of creating a world currency
"Improves quite a bit" the words of a useful idiot repeating BAB coin PoSM that doesn't actually know what CTOR does.
You still don't get that you can use graphene without CTOR don't you? CTOR is the most useless premature micro optimization that is currently out there.
Locking protocol != stop developing
You mean users gonna use. People in support of Bitcoin SV were the majority of people actually using Bitcoin, while BABies kept using only reddit and censorship.
‪I’m investing PoW into Bitcoin (SV) as a miner to MAKE THE CHAIN STRONG !!‬
replied · 295d
"Amaury's pet-project" vs "locked original Bitcoin protocol" #gameOn 😎
You're both brainwashed by Roger Ver and Amaury Shitlord censhorship. Now is still time to change otherwise you will go down with BAB dictator.
And Fuck septmike and LightRider
Bitcoin SV is the true Bitcoin, BAB coin is just Bitcoin Cash and not Bitcoin as Jihan has said who only mines small blocks and mines with their customer's hardware.
I can't believe anyone falls for the ABC propaganda and their Etherium like PoSM/PoS shitchain.
· 296d · memo
How Memo is handling the BCH fork: https://memo.cash/bch-fork
Jihan didn't have the guts to go up against Blockstream but now he decides to get firm against other miners, let alone is own largest clients. What am imbecile