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why does SLPDB has to be a bitch
replied · 50d
this place is for bgasher only normie get out reeeee
With no names or handles behind it it's most likely something like Clashic or "Bitcoin Core" the chain, just trolling.
replied · 392d
The hard part now begins: getting content creators to adopt the button.
Came back after a hiatus, nice to see dark theme available, but it doesn't seem dark enough. Need real "night mode".
replied · 416d
That's up to each node to decide. My node does not store or relay any lowfees - Johoe's like to keep and document them though.
replied · 468d
I recently signed him up on, he literally needs a specimen for research.
replied · 472d
>Blockchain is far, far superior. It’s the innovation, DHT is not.

That is the most stupid thing I've heard this week.
replied · 472d
It is not free for any developers on BCH. It is free for developers who ask and get permission - big difference. Actually read the damn license, not just PR release.
replied · 473d
>As I understand it, the IP is free to use for any developers in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain

Your understanding is wrong.
replied · 473d
You guys are reinventing encrypted decentralized chat services. already does this, no blockchain.
replied · 477d
Re-read their "open license". It is retaining the IP to no one but themselves.
replied · 484d
Think that's been common knowledge for a while, but it's unclear whether he still holds the theymos accounts or sold them long ago.
replied · 486d
replied · 488d
I have an address on Twitter that I can sign messages with to verify my identity. This is both the message and the signature.
I can finally post full signature on memo! im_uname 20180515
Historical day in Malaysia as ruling party voted out for first time
replied · 497d
No custodial wallets too
中文社区伙伴们欢迎加入bitcoin cash fund discord
replied · 501d
who will take its place tho
replied · 501d
memo is forever, pls no typo