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Geez Louise. If only someone could've predicted this.

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Sometimes I feel like Bitcoin Cash is the biggest idea out there, the thing that could change the world the fastest, but so few have even heard of it, let alone understand it. This has to change. #dailymemo
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but i was told "bgash for all" and "democradize the monies", where's my brunch bitch?
I've forwarded the 🔥 Bitcoin cash SLP Torch 🔥 to @christroutner!
(at the address he requested)
I'm highly concerned about the personality cult forming around Wright.

Anyone with a healthy braincell can conclude that the guy is a bullshit artist, yet people still worship him.
Money button is coming tomorrow! Oh yeah! The world will never be the same again.

More freedom for all.
Do you feel like you are doing enough to help grow Bitcoin Cash? Have you created a Bitcoin Cash Meetup Group locally? Why not? What are you waiting for? Adoption starts with you. It's time to get moving.
This might have been the first sighting of a #CultOfCraig member in the wild....

"Satoshi Nakamoto" is the most prolific insect here.
I'll check it by this weekend. It's been busy AF. :(
im shadowbanned on twitter. :(
If you spot a Core cultist troll on memo, pls let me know. I need a specimen for research purposes.

Getting coins into the hands of productive members of society is paramount!
Mining based funding of BCH devs is critical to reduce reliance on funding from Nchain/CSW/Ayre. Nchain/coingeek will fight this proposal tooth and nail.
BazarrDog offline is hooked up at
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I dunno, for memo and BP sats make sense.
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Satoshi's are the best unit. Discuss.
The anticipation before we move to a new era, small steps yet big leaps 4 BCH
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as expression, false(0) if x is not defined.
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Memo is now open source!