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It's running now! Syncing up.
7d · Freshmint Records Board 📜
Tréssoft subsidiary Freshmint Records have set up fmPay's Bitcoin cash node. This will be used for our fmPay webwallet that will help along with vendor machine approach.
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Is this the ChrisPacia one?
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Are there instructions to set up and run a bch node that I can follow without trouble on Ubuntu Server?
18d · Freshmint Records Board 📜
Added multiple artists to
27d · Freshmint Records Board 📜
All bugs are fixed on the player. We no longer roll the progress bar pass the finish limit, nor do we randomly steal your dollar anymore.
replied 31d
This bug likely was caused by the exclusion of the transaction fee. I have calculated the estimated fee and add with the purchase amount, that seems to have solved the issue.
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replied 32d
There seems to be a bug where the price of my item listing can't be too low or payments will be ignored. I raised the price to $2.
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It costs a dollar. I'll add that to the webpage because the bitcoin math isn't there yet for me either
Hi if anyone has the chance to test my webaudio player serving files via BCH payments. It would be appreciated :prayhands together:. Thanks! Only Firefox browser is supported.
33d · Freshmint Records Board 📜
Instructions on how to buy music off the audio player is on the website, as well as an instructional video link:

33d · Freshmint Records Board 📜
More music has been released on proprietary channels:
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Sounds right. I work on CMDB's, we have a term called CI's. But going around everywhere off-work calling devices and logical structures CI's would still be using it as a buzzword.
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Please donate to my SmartBCH addy lol

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What makes something defi? Why can't we just say we're using apps, that's a lot less confusing and makes me want to punch crypto influencers less in the face.
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New release:


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I'm trying to look for a financial incentive to run one.
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*to remain at a competitive advantage to bigger bodies pushing similar content down established channels.

Apologies for the typos
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4/ company, this goal will help align our values with dedicated music fans who criticize the machine aspect of pop music, as well as help identify us among a heavily saturated market.
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3/ like ourselves to remain at a competitive advantage to bigger bodies similar content down established channels. It's been determined to incorporate ourselves as a software friendly
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2/ As we are looking for avenues to release shelved projects, we are conducting a discovery phase to understand what infrastructure to put in place that will enable niche producers
57d · Freshmint Records Board 📜
[Thread] - Hi, this is an update from Freshmint Records. We have officially been bought out by Tréssoft co. This was a multimillion crypto deal that took place.