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New here. Looking to strengthen the essence and contribute to an uplifting culture.

"Do what you feel, when you feel like it, if you feel like it."

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Have you ever mined bitcoin cryptocurrency?
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788d · Freshmint Records Board 📜
Earn BCH with Freshmint records
788d · Freshmint Records Board 📜
Freshmint records has now transformed to an open music service. Musicians are encouraged to create an account, post music, and collect 100% on sales royalties.
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that was a good idea, too bad oil is expensive either way right now
797d · Jobs
Looking for pixel artists and other digital artists - please PM me. Starting offer is $45 in BCH for pixel art images.
797d · Jobs
The test press of my vinyl records have been approved. I will soon be selling my music on vinyl records exclusively for BCH. I am very excited to soon announce the release.
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859d · Freshmint Records Board 📜
I, Syndrome, have officially stepped down as CEO. I will now resume as CTO of Tréssoft. CEO will now be positioned for James to execute as. Please welcome James, everybody.
replied 865d
I did the pruned node but my computer keeps running out of free space. Do you have any advice?
replied 881d
It's running now! Syncing up.
881d · Freshmint Records Board 📜
Tréssoft subsidiary Freshmint Records have set up fmPay's Bitcoin cash node. This will be used for our fmPay webwallet that will help along with vendor machine approach.
replied 887d
Is this the ChrisPacia one?
replied 889d
Could try these:

You may still need to open port 8333 like for any Bitcoin node. If you want to run from source need to see BCHN docs.