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Isn't is kinda odd how nearly all official cryptocurrency group chats use centralised platforms like Discord or Telegram instead of free, decentralised ones, like Cabal, Riot/Matrix or even IRC? 🤔 Just a thought.
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For file/media storage we should utilize IPFS from the start.

For memo posts? highly depends on the price and utilization of the network. I think it would be beneficial to explore
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NANO now available on Kraken.
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...and changelly! (though it's disabled right now due to maintenance)
Shower thought: The way BTC needs sidechain bullshit to be even remotely commercially viable is akin to the way a dying person needs life support. 🤔
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"Better" depends on usecase. On one hand, BCH has more features than Nano. But on the other, Nano is faster, more scalable and feeless. Both have their ups and downs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Programmer, lover of all things decentralised, recent BCH convert.
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Glad to see NANO topic on memo. NANO is my second coin after BCH. Good team and nice community, although a little naive. They don't realize how difficult adoption will be. 0 fees is not enough.
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BCH's quick transactions and low fees got them get considerable adoption in AUS. I don't see how Nano couldn't achieve something similiar, given the right spokespeople.
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