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New Podcast with Content Creator, Bitcoin Influencer and Coder Chris DeRose
A conversation with Rothbard's disciple. A writer, designer, entrepreneur and Crypto Anarchist, R.D is an avid content creator and educator on Bitcoin
NEW PODCAST covering Cody Wilson's Crypto Savagery, drugs, S.N's identity, and the potential upcoming Bitcoin split
New Podcast: I plug my new single, discuss some of my favourite Libertarians, the importance of Free Speech and the era of Bitcoin Tokenization.
NEW Podcast covering Alex Jones' Censorship, Government Mind Control Tactics and Bitcoin Updates
I cover the latest news on the Bitcoin (Cash) scene, recap on the Ross Ulbricht story and discuss the slavery of government.
Interview with Lyn Ulbricht on Silk Road and the Ross Ulbricht story
NEW PODCAST with Lyn Ulbricht on the Ross Ulbricht story, the website that started the Bitcoin Revolution (Silk Road) and the impact of his sentence on our civil liberties.
Interview with Libertarian powerhouse Adam Kokesh, covering Libertarianism philosophy, Bitcoin/Crypto, technology, A.I and more!
New Episode where we demo Memo and other BCH applications! Check it out here:

Interview with Dr Craig S Wright, Chief Scientist for nChain, on the economics and Future of Bitcoin.
(please share) NEW PODCAST with Derek Magill
covering philosophy, Derek's new book, credentialism, Bitcoin Cash, other enlightening topics and drama going on in the cryptospace.
NEW PODCAST (please share)
I interview Bitcoin Cash evangelists The BCH Boys about the latest in the Bitcoin ecospace.

The BCH Boys |
Bitcoin (BCH) Bitcoin Core (BTC).
Like if you're down with that.
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Cash is King
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Discuss R.H's vd
Natural economic law: low fees & instant payments are preferable. BCH!
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A fitting name indeed.
The biggest threat to a free society is the herd
No, & discuss the rcnt politics with CoinText