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518d · Avengers Endgame
Place to discuss all things avengers!

Please include SPOILER warning for those that haven't seen it.
My heart goes out to all Sri Lankans! Stay safe and be strong!!
It takes a huge correction to appreciate the little highs <3 crypto: 2017-2019
647d · Memes
Always a mystery!!
Is this what all the rage is about these days??? #memes_r_life
651d · Memes
Much stable wow
652d · Memes
652d · Memes
I am solely only going to posts memes from now on!
replied 785d
I'll start off!
To experiment with something called 'the blockchain' at 16 with slight technical knowledge.
Hey people! Conducting a usability study on Crypto Wallets for uni and wanted some input from such a large community.
Why did you initially get into crypto, at what age and were you technically inclined back then?
789d · Altcoins
Do IOT Chain and IOTEX want to make a data marketplace too cause thats what i think will put IOTA above all. (if done properly)
800d · Coinex
@Austin, i think 99.99% is a bit to high, if we assume altcoins are start-ups they then have an average of 90-95% fail rate depending. But yea, a lot will fail.
801d · How do you know about cryptocurrencies?
Saw Bitcoin miners (the usb ones) for sale around 2011 ish(13 years old); 6 for $60 dollars. Curious i was about to buy but decided to buy $20 McDonalds. Regrets!
801d · Weed
Could email them requesting to support BCH if they don't already, increase adoption and provide more exposure. Better for both parties.
802d · Ripple vs BCH
Well with the current 32MB block size the tps will be approx 244 tx/s using source:
replied 802d
(2/2) to change this a lot of education would be required but as mentioned before people would accept convenience and ease over benefits. (my view)
replied 802d
(1/2) I reckon that the biggest barrier of entry is the fact everything is paid for (except browsing) on memo. Many people are alien to the concept of paid social media.
806d · memo
Yesterday 141459-140540=919 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈15.5%
replied 806d
Seeing this grow everyday warms my heart :')
809d · Altcoins
Yea I agree, there will always be multiple companies/coins/projects. Just have to make sure BCH stays ahead of the curve and stand out.
809d · Altcoins
Crypto decentralization and permitionless feature makes the altcoins a natural things. It is also better to have more teams developins different projects.
Ripple (XRP) being released on Independent Reserve. Finally an easier way to buy for Oceania folks!