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replied 206d
I'm stealing this one. Unless you consent, in which case it won't be stealing.
What is your favorite snake?
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
Hi guys, are u watching the markets? Strange things are happening. Such as btc is loosing more than BCH. Are we witnessing more strength in BCH?
Yes, they're concentration camps
replied 219d
Nice pic. Fake quote.
replied 219d
Nice pic. Fake quote.
meet libertarian party candidate Vermin Supreme

Facebook's Libra Isn't a "Cryptocurrency"
Fuck Craig Wright and all of his boot-lickers.

Bitcoin Cash Activist
CSW reminds me of L.Ron Hubbard
replied 228d
Bitcoin Cash Activist
Nah. Hubbard was at least ENTERTAINING.
replied 231d
You claiming the ability to read my mind isn't the same thing as a question actually being a complaint. And generally a safe assumption doesn't turn out to be completely incorrect.
replied 231d
An unsafe one, and a completely incorrect one (also, not "complaining"):
replied 232d
There's an assumption in your answer as to who "they" are.
replied 232d
I think they're mostly proud of the fact that they're able to be open about their sexual orientation without being persecuted or attacked. Parades used to be a civil disobedience thing
To the extent that sexual orientation is an innate characteristic rather than an action or a choice, what is there about it to be "proud" of?
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I don't spend a lot of time bashing BSV. When the subject comes up, I point out that it's a con, recommend legit crypto like real Bitcoin (BCH) or old Bitcoin (BTC), and move on.
239d · memo
Getting strange values when I send tokens to Memo, had a send of 100 tokens reported as 10,000, and 5 as 5000 in my notifications. Looks like the totals are correct on the send page though
replied 239d
This is a problem that needs to be worked! Everyone should send me large numbers of Satoshis, and I'll have a close look at the reporting :D
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Are you in it for the money or for the tech?
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Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin, deal with it!