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The social media platforms aren't monopolies. Don't like Facebook or Twitter? Go to Memo, Minds, et al. The state, however, IS a monopoly. State regulation of social media platforms would expand that monopoly.
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Hypothetical question #2: Is Elon Musl's "Bitcoin price manipulation by tweet" perhaps just a tactic to artificially lower Tesla's balance sheet values for end of Q2 before a big Q3 "comeback?"
Hypothetical question #1: Is Elon Musk intentionally tag-teaming with the Chinese regime to keep the price of Bitcoin below $40k, or is the back-and-forth just coincidence?
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Otherwise, despite all the hype, eth failed to deliver anything meaningful.

Its price has as much fundamentals behind it as the BTC shitcoin price has (exactly 0)
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I'd be interested in specifically why you think ETH is a scam. I'm not big into it, but find it an interesting platform for tokens, etc.
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Moved some BTC the other day. About the same fee, but it only took 20 minutes. Which is 19 3/4 minutes slower than acceptable for the "buy a Coke at the convenience store" use case.
Helped a friend to exit the BTC pyramid scheme. Paid 20 USD and the transaction still didn't get in the next block....
The worst aggression is aggression that produces a seemingly just result. That kind of aggression inevitably gets used to justify other aggression that produces obviously unjust results.
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I'm stealing this one. Unless you consent, in which case it won't be stealing.
What is your favorite snake?
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
Hi guys, are u watching the markets? Strange things are happening. Such as btc is loosing more than BCH. Are we witnessing more strength in BCH?
Yes, they're concentration camps
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Nice pic. Fake quote.