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My friend where is my christmas gift 😁
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Penge kunti
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You are aslo my favorite thing that happen to me my friend and i mean it 😊
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Happy New Year my friend 😊
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I wanted to post my favorite thing about 2020 but i think im gonna pass because i know i am very late 😑
Welcome Year 2021🎉 Please be good to me 🙏
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Unusual Uther
My friend can you gift me sats for goodluck. My bch wallet is 0 at the moment any amount will be highly appreciated my friend I want to start my new year with some sats in my wallet
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Unusual Uther
Happy new year my friend
Happy Merry Christmas Memo 🎄🎄🎄
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What if we dont have christmas tree in our house my friend? Is there any other option? 😧
Aw, No pizza day? 😢
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Ohw 😧 its okay my friend 😊
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My friend can you help me buy a gift for my mom 😁 she ask me for a new dress but i dont have money to buy it 😅
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Eggs or bacon?
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Why so quiet here in memo? Come on guys its almost Christmas. Is it because there is no more tip from my friend uther ? You guys are being obvious 😕
17 Days more to go before Christmas but still no good news for me 😧
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