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replied 3h
Hi my friend good morning
Good Morning all 😊 another day another life
Damn! most of my photos posted in here are deleted.. W H Y ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Wallet check! Still nothing. Time to move on and go back to sleep 😕😕😕
replied 13h
Wow my friend i see you help a new made account and posting old picture but you did not help me 😢 i shouldve posted an old photo ✌😅
Woke up and check memo if theres any tips received but i see nothing thats why im going back to bed and sleep 😧 Goodnight memo friends. See you again tomorrow😊
replied 21h
This is the first time friend that you help all people in here except me 😢 but its okay i cant force you 😢
replied 22h
My friend i dont know of what is going on with my images but please can i get some help like the others :(
replied 23h
replied 23h
ive posted that image in this post here twice or thrice :(
replied 23h
how about this one my friend
replied 23h
replied 23h
replied 23h
But you can still tip me like the others even my images are deleted right?
replied 23h
i really dont have idea whats going on with my posted images.. Im just right here asking you for some help.. :(
Looks like im not getting any help now :( Ohright going to sleep hopefully when i wake up there is a good news
replied 23h
My friend please notice me also are you mad at me? :( i really need some help also :(
replied 1d
My friend please help me also :(
replied 1d
replied 1d
yeah it is
replied 1d
replied 1d
my friend help me please :(:(:(
replied 1d
Im still hoping you notice me today my friend

replied 1d
my friend are you ignoring me? pleas dont.. Ive been asking you for some help to buy rice and food..ill send a picture and post in here..please my friend for the last time :(