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Unusual Uther
Music is life
Unusual Uther
Not everyone speaks English, that is why I like music without words.
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im late :)
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Sometimes I feel like that too
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For me this is the best picture of alien from avatar the movie😆

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Happy July 4 to you 😇

Happy 4th of July.
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I already have permission too post the pictures.
Everyone wants too see them.
The most purchased token rating in Memo is:
1- SPICE (1,610 sales)
2- HONK (1,223 sales)
3- SOUR (1,044 sales)

#Spice #Honk #Sour
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Thank you for sharing the link
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Get free honk by doing captchas, sell on altilly, profit., or even sell here. Guarantee if you sell @ 0.25 or lower it will get bought quick
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Unusual Uther
Thank you for all the helps uther. God bless.
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Unusual Uther
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Have you ever seen an illusion?
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No 1 votes · 0 satoshis
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listed 11,900 👾 for 5,950,000 satoshis (500 each) 78d

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Agree. We're doing this on the school I worked befored 😆 just need to be creative .
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Unusual Uther
How about 26?
Unusual Uther
Virtual or Non-waterproof stickers are not accepted, we will have to locate a cheap supply of stickers, and I will pay for the stickers and the posting of said stickers.
Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day 🍕🍕🍕
Pizza Day
Unusual Uther
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Okay but you are the very last one for today.
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I worked as an accounting staff in small school here in ph and they pay me 12$ per day . Since it is small school it's no work no pay and as of the moment still lock down.
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