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Zelda - The Wind Waker: Dragon Roost Island (Vector U Remix)
4,509 views•Mar 31, 2020
Thank you Uther for the tip .God Bless you always.
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I guess that was from uther's poll
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Do you consider open air meat markets to be bio-weapons laboratories?
No 30 votes · 12,887 satoshis
Yes 21 votes · 104,155 satoshis
Maybe 10 votes · 7,555 satoshis
I Don't Know? 1 votes · 555 satoshis


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i hope not, and wishing that the crisis we are facing now will end soon. just keep on praying.
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How many Uther here on memo?😅
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Keep safe ..
Why is sats needed to sell slp token here in #memo now i cant sell my tokens because i dont have any sats!!!!!!!!
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Its okay sir. You are good samaritan to help us
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You're such a generous and kind heart ♥ its okay,maybe they got tip from you because they most need it.We are still blessed because we are strong and healthy😇 God bless you @uther
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thank you Uther God knows you have a pure heart. Your tip is a big help to me. I wish to bless you more and keep safe, stay at home this time of the pandemic.
I can't afford to help all of you at the moment, the Evil Fridge event is over.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Two ThermoNuclear Missiles
I will figure out a way thou
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We badly needed money to buy friend can u show me some love..godbless
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We badly needed money to buy friend can u show me some love..godbless
lol... not a single bite today... ") I guess this fishing hole is dry... not even 1 hello... or fuck off... or nothin... I guess this bch shit isnt that strong...
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hi vidteks how are you seem you're not active these past days.

Big Strong Hands 1984
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Condolence to your family, keep safe stay at home..