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"In reality though, only 9.36% of all money-making Americans had occasion to file any kind of tax document in any year from 1913 to 1939, on average."
... 1914 and every year from there forward."
"Plainly, had the 16th Amendment actually been meant to authorize a universal tax, we would have seen income tax filings by every adult American no later than ...
... the “income tax” remains a proper excise, and as such, doesn’t apply to the earnings of most Americans."
As written, the “income tax” laws leave unprivileged earnings and receipts untouched, never crossing the line into the realm of capitations. As written, ...
income tax is a good thing, it's just being used to take outr money and we are complicit because of ignorance
ever checked out lloyd pye's starchild skull work? or "everything you know is wrong?"
r/greatawakening is alive and well, /q research board/ is hoppin', and voat's got it's various subverses
surprised that no one has written some kind of script to spam some of these memo posts
hydroplate theory is so much cooler than flat earth
shameless bump
that's like 2 million years from now in blockchain time

share your medicinal herbs yah
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open source smart blockchain search engine buzzword
*sigh* it was only a matter of time until it became a memo thread
someone could build a patreon-style piece of code to auto tip a wallet
we could write some kind of lottery smart contract and bet on who the winner might be
here is what is refered to in the forum as an intro to q:
they are allegedly collecting fragments of a script / timeline that is playing out behind the scenes, which is presumed / confirmed to be continuously verified