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· 1d
Stop using banks and start using crypto! But how Private is it?
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· 3d
Your WiFi is Used to Track You
· 6d
Is Bitcoin Better Money? John Stossel interview with Naomi Brockwell
· 14d
Ron Paul: Bitcoin vs Govt, and the coming recession?
replied · 27d
I would agree that this seems to be his argument, which makes sense to me
replied · 27d
It's a bit more nuanced that this
· 27d
Online Privacy under attack: Can VPNs save us?
· 29d
BSV "metanet" & ETH scaling issues: deep dive with Paul Puey on CoinWatch
· 29d
Crypto Taxes: the new IRS "guidance"
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lolol thanks!
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Absolutely nothing. I created 100k of them because I hope to get to 100k subscribers (when, I don't know!)
Maybe they'll be redeemable for merch, really I was just playing around :)
· 36d
Been playing around, just created my first token to see how it's done, and checked out the new dividend payment system. Really neat actually.
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Thanks so much for your kind works! :)
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Will look into it!!
· 38d
Snowden: “All your purchases are tracked.” Here’s what you can do.
Electron Cash CashShuffle Tutorial, and Wasabi CoinJoin Tutorial
· 42d
It's chilling how much of your internet activity is monitored. I explain how NSA programs like STELLARWIND & TURBULENCE work, and discuss the dangers of Smart Appliances.

Premiering now!
· 42d
The Bitcoin Patreon that cares about privacy
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My serum testosterone levels go up by 10% every time I watch a new video, I’ll save these for leg day.

God, you’re adorable.