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Film/TV producer, Host of #blockchain / #tech / #bitcoin YouTube show; Dance like nobody's watching, Encrypt like everyone is. @naomibrockwell


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Kicked off Patreon: more censorship from big tech, interview with BitChute

Bitchute has migrated to, a crypto-Patreon that doesn't take 10% of donations like Patreon does.
Weekly crypto recap: Class Action Against Bitmain, and more!

The Flippening Has Happened! Market manipulation and what history tells us

I made a video asking the question: "Is @CalvinAyre George Soros or is he the Bank of England?

A huge thanks to my supporters for getting my channel to 8,000 subscribers!! A quick hello from Consensus Invest which I was delighted to emcee again this year.
What does the SEC really think about Cryptocurrency?
Weekly Crypto Recap

Bitcoin addresses sanctioned by US Treasury
@Coinbase adds @zcashco
SEC Chairman: "No bitcoin EFT anytime soon"
Ohio taxes in bitcoin
And more!
Roger Ver wants economic freedom for the world(Gives out BCH). CSW wants to sue the pants off everybody with 400 patents. Who is giving , who is taking?

Australia takes govt surveillance to the next level, w/ an aggressive encryption bill that potentially compromises people's security by allowing the govt to put back doors into devices.

SEC Chairman: Blockchain is powerful "but you need to follow our securities laws"
SEC Chairman Jay Clayton chatted with me about those who try to skirt securities regulations.
Is financialization the final stop for crypto, or a detour? Live from Consensus!
The Right to Fork/Secede, with Jeffrey Tucker and Gene Epstein

We talk about Forking/secession as a new social/political form.
The latest Weekly Crypto Recap: With Chris Karabats, Chris Pacia, and Kieran Mesquita

Part 1:
(View here:

Part 2:
(View here:
What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? This is what crypto twitter said
Afraid of Losing Bitcoin? Here are 7 Security Tips to Protect You from Yourself
Crypto Quiz Show Season Finale 3pmET today!

Link to stream:

See you there.
How Verus Solved 51% attacks and "Nothing-At-Stake"

Verus prioritizes privacy & security, and is a fork of Komodo (which I've featured in a previous interview, and am also a big fan of).
$2 Billion in 6 Months!

Scooter sharing is the latest trend across many cities in America.
But government officials are not pleased. Will this new trend be able to survive?
How to Use a Bitcoin ATM

Step-by-step guide!
Note: Regulations differ depending where you're based. In USA KYC often requires you to use Passport or phone number when purchasing
Weekly Crypto Recap: BCH Fork update and latest news
Bitcoin Cash Fork - Live Coverage

With Chris Pacia and Chris Karabats
Epic Bitcoin Crash

Today the price of bitcoin lost over 10%, it plummeted by $1000. Chris Karabats and I chat about possible causes and future price movements.

Interview with Crypto Chickens

I talk to the chickens about how they feel about the upcoming BCH fork and other important questions. I also chat to their manager, Spencer Lambert!
Freedom Feud - ContraCruise Game Show!

On the ContraCruise this year, the amazing Robert Murphy and Tom Woods hosted their annual "Freedom Feud" and it was a blast!
CEO of Overstock: "Modern Financial System Is A Big Keynesian, Magic Money Tree Ponzi Scheme"

Featured in Forbes, The Independent, ZeroHedge
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Film/TV producer, Host of #blockchain / #tech / #bitcoin YouTube show; Dance like nobody's watching, Encrypt like everyone is. @naomibrockwell