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Film/TV producer, Host of #blockchain / #tech / #bitcoin YouTube show; Dance like nobody's watching, Encrypt like everyone is. @naomibrockwell


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Weekly Crypto Recap: lightning torch, quadriga, and more!
Update on Ross Ulbricht
What is Avalanche?
State of the (Crypto) Union

At Liberty Forum in NH this year I was thrilled to put together a panel with some awesome people, updating everyone on the "state of the (crypto) union".
Satoshi Roundtable: Bitcoin Art

Have a look at these amazing pieces of art featured at the Satoshi Roundtable this year!
They double as paper wallets. I'm in love.
Bitcoin Girl - Original Music Video (Official, 2014)

Some fun facts about making it are in the video description :)
Lovesong for Satoshi Nakamoto Whitepaper

My music video from 2015 just hit 100k views :) Thank you so much everyone for watching!!

Weekly crypto recap: Cryptopia saga continues

Live from the Satoshi Roundtable
Scams: follow up video response

Let's call scams scams, shitcoins shitcoins, and interesting experiments just that. Words have specific meanings, let's not misuse them.
Is "Scam" the new witch hunt?

We need to talk about the word "Scam". There are a lot of scams in crypto & we must call them out. What is not helpful, however, is calling everything a scam.
Why Was Bitcoin Created? Chats with Nan

My almost 94-year-old grandmother told me she finally understands why bitcoin is important :)
What is NBTV?
A new trailer for my channel :)
Venezuela: A Bitcoin Friendly Future?
Weekly Crypto Recap - Big News from Venezuela

How Encryption Works

I interview Kieran Mesquita, Head of Blockchain at BlockBoxx, to get a 101 explanation on how encryption works and how it's involved with bitcoin technology.
How to Use the Bitbacker PowerChat

Also, should set up an official bitbacker for donations!
Billy's Bitcoin: A Children's Bitcoin Story

"Billy's Bitcoin" is a children's book by Jason Chatfield (artist/writer of Ginger Meggs) and Naomi Brockwell.
History of Crypto in Australia

I chat to Kieran Mesquita and Julia Buchholz about their involvement in crypto currency and how they've seen the space evolve in Australia.
Are all bitcoins created equal?

How should bitcoin be treated under capital gains tax? Can you differentiate between a bitcoin you bought last week and one your bought in 2012?
Actors Explain Bitcoin

While on set for a feature film shoot, I quizzed a few of my fellow actor friends to see how much a person outside of the crypto world knows about bitcoin.
Wormhole: hello and goodbye

I did this great livestream with Gabriel Cardona explaining wormhole.
As soon as we finished the stream, Bitmain just cut the entire wormhole division.
Can Biohacking Save Lives?
Weekly Crypto Recap: Cryptopia Hack, Grin launch, and more!

With @cryptolark and @TheDesertLynx
Grin vs Beam, a mimblewimble discussion

Where Should You Store Your Private Keys