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It's still Thursday. And you have to say why you like the book and what it is about lol.
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I will stop tipping people if everyone will be nice too each other.
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And that is not reverse psychology.

SECRET NUMBER - Holiday (Instrumental)
•May 19, 2020
If you were going to talk to time travelers,
how would you do it?
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And I am thinking about muting every single person that uses S-words.

After a while you can't hear it anymore. The rain, you know?
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I'll try to get some money soon for you.
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No I am not.
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Hi my dear can you give me some sats to post . Please 😘
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I'm not sure if you are the real Kayie lol.
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I think it might just be a glitch, the mute button really got tested the other day so maybe that messed up something.
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I have heard if you try too smile it will make you feel happy, like it somehow triggers a hormonal response in the brain.
The hallucinations from the insomnia is so weird if I don't play noise like rain or something.