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Whether its market on the recover mode or what!
We still didn't get it while didn't put some on it. 😂😅
The best part within Blockchain world is when you cared about your Password by yourself; Which means its decentralized!
Behind the scenes footage of the Bitcoin Cash community at a recent meetup at Zushi Beach, Japan
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My First Time on

Hi everyone! Nice to know that BCH already have its new dapp social media among others.

As does, I like to stay with it and flowed within.

Give me the best instructions! Thanks.
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Between and is on its simplify and visual treament layed.

Both of them are brothers and sisters!
Cause its built on BCH based system. 😊 #me
Whats up with KuCoin Issues Guys!

Did anyone got news?
Whats on your mind?
Is it the time for Cryptocurrency Up-Trend Session after along time being quite long!

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worse!
Try the best update Visual Treatment from the Latest Updated Metamask on your Devices!

METAMASK is the best MEY to supported the whole ERC20.
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Nice analysis, just try to watch till the end guys!

Supporting The Informations to share and worth to follow by Official,
Take your time to watch this wonderful video briefing.

In my mind.

I love bitcoin cash...
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My first memo on

Let me step in
Show me the clue
Lead me the way

It's my first promotion
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Yeah yeah....hit the button dude...
Do we understood that Decentralized System is the solution to every digital technology systemize. 😎

Its totally kept and saved yours.

Beside all you need to cared about is your main entry key!
$$$$$$$$$$$$ 👀
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Flash Advice:

Crypto Exchange & Trading Platform must strengthen their security system due to the market lost issues, and beside the impact to another parties.

I'm not an expert at all, but only an enthusiast.