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Spend your #bitcoin to inspire the world. Prove the slaves wrong on their nasty speculation that the fake money will keep dominating! Where? -> (Android App:


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Please add a service worker to so we can install the website as Progressive Web App on the Homescreen and use it fullscreen!
I will open-source all our apps today, who wants to keep adding places to BMAP.CASH? Or develop an IPhone version? Everyone is welcome to collaborate. I am going on a bitcoin bike promo world tour, without computer.
Check and install it to your homescreen to use It like a fullscreen app! Or download the Android App directly following this link:
Over 2000 years ago (about 51 B.C.) Julius Caesar noted of
the Germans: "The only beings they recognize as gods are things that they
can see, such as sun, moon and
fire; the other gods they have never even heard of."
Why we need unfakeable transparent incorruptible money like #bitcoin?
We just updated our teaser page: https://BITCOINMAP.WORLD/teaser
Censorship on r/btc is going crazy once again! Can someone find out why this post was censored where we just wanted to promote the first local currency backed by BCH?
We are not fighting against the bankster but we are resisting against the corruptable banking system. We are living for truth/transparency to gain freedom & peace.
Freedom and unconditional love is bi-directional, you have to give freedom/love to get freedom/love! After some years you will be more compassionate and understand the philosophy!
Good luck with your journey of peace & freedom! You will see effects after about one month! If you are craving cheese/milk, there are excellent vegan alternatives available!
Milk is the worst, it is full of pus, the cows get raped & their kids get killed:
Meat/Egg is full of growth hormones/antibiotics
You can find some really fact based information about #veganism on this YouTube channel: #vegan
I am a vegan for five years now & I never had a better health, all my skin disease have disappeared, my skin actually gets a tan now, before I would just get red & skin would peel.
This guy sets a new standard in being radical honest and super genius:
John McAfee says at Minute 7 Second 18 that he is not paying taxes to the IRS: (the income tax laws have never been ratified by the states) You can stop paying taxes in the #USA now!