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Bitcoin revolution is happening in Caracas, Venezuela. DASH leads the adoption race by far with 600+ merchants in Caracas alone, 200+ places to eat with DASH discoverdash.com come here!
Please add a service worker to memo.cash so we can install the website as Progressive Web App on the Homescreen and use it fullscreen! https://developers.google.com/web/progressive-web-apps/
I will open-source all our apps today, who wants to keep adding places to BMAP.CASH? Or develop an IPhone version? Everyone is welcome to collaborate. I am going on a bitcoin bike promo world tour, without computer.
Check http://bmap.cash and install it to your homescreen to use It like a fullscreen app! Or download the Android App directly following this link: http://therealbitcoin.club/android
Over 2000 years ago (about 51 B.C.) Julius Caesar noted of
the Germans: "The only beings they recognize as gods are things that they
can see, such as sun, moon and
fire; the other gods they have never even heard of."
Why we need unfakeable transparent incorruptible money like #bitcoin?
We just updated our teaser page: https://BITCOINMAP.WORLD/teaser
Censorship on r/btc is going crazy once again! Can someone find out why this post was censored where we just wanted to promote the first local currency backed by BCH? https://bit.ly/2q3gIC0
We are not fighting against the bankster but we are resisting against the corruptable banking system. We are living for truth/transparency to gain freedom & peace.
Freedom and unconditional love is bi-directional, you have to give freedom/love to get freedom/love! After some years you will be more compassionate and understand the philosophy!
Good luck with your journey of peace & freedom! You will see effects after about one month! If you are craving cheese/milk, there are excellent vegan alternatives available!
Milk is the worst, it is full of pus, the cows get raped & their kids get killed:
Meat/Egg is full of growth hormones/antibiotics
You can find some really fact based information about #veganism on this YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BiteSizeVegan #vegan
I am a vegan for five years now & I never had a better health, all my skin disease have disappeared, my skin actually gets a tan now, before I would just get red & skin would peel.
This guy sets a new standard in being radical honest and super genius:
John McAfee says at Minute 7 Second 18 that he is not paying taxes to the IRS: (the income tax laws have never been ratified by the states) You can stop paying taxes in the #USA now!