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Which Android app?
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Few things are a darker harbinger than the wave of socialism and communism among younger generations. If you don't trust government, the solution is not to vote for bigger government.
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May the bell of liberty ring far and wide.
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hopefully you backed up your private key, otherwise I'd send all funds to a new wallet and make a new account afterwards
replied · 36d
If you exported private keys, import them again.
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Thanks. Not sure if I did or not, I'll check my PC but I'm not certain. May have to do like your said and send the funds to a new account.
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That's not very 2019 of you
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Yeah, I don't know if I remember the password to this account anymore. What's my best course of action to recover login?
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To all my mentally challenged memo frens,

#Tails started their yearly fundraiser and they accept #BitcoinCash

Consider donating to support this wonderful tool of #privacy
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Fuck the Chinese Communist Party.
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It's a classic
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IIRC there isn't a login reset because they aren't associated with emails, right?
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"All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.” - Eckhart Tolle

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I like that quote.
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You can get weed with seeds - it will be cheaper, less potent, and less flavorful but have solid genetics. Or hope for the lucky stray seed in some loud
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Fertilized cannabis flower halts production of the oils that contain the terpenes and actives. Unpollinated flower is more desirable for consumption.
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life is good!!!!!!!!!!
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