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I like science and technology.


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While we invest our time, attention, and wealth into this exciting space, let us also remember to invest into our inner wealth. Peace be with you today.
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I'm cool with it staying where it is for a while... Gotta accumulate more.
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Always be #learning.
Hello everybody, how are you doing?
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Doing well! On lunch back from work. How about yourself?
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Nero - Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix)
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Watercolour portrait of my dear friend.
Helped a colleague make his first BCH payment. He was surprised by the speed and how frictionless the process was. #Adoption
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People = Shit by Slipknot
Bitcoin podcasts ;)
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Any suggestions?
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Deftones, Rise Against, and Bring Me The Horizon mostly.
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Bring Me the Horizon is great!
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Check out Cherub if you haven't already!
Finally got to tattoo the Native Knife that I drew awhile back. It’s always so satisfying when I get the opportunity to tattoo my own art on someone :)

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What music have you been listening to lately?