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· 406d ·
Massive numbers of trxns going through on txhighway right now. The "Tx in Transit" says 1,273,226 , and it's still increasing.... Should see a 32MB block soon.
· 408d ·
@chalbersma - Hey, I just noticed you tipped me 32,524 satoshis. If that was a mistake, I can send it back. If not, thank you very much. Not sure what I said to deserve that. :-)
· 408d ·
@Cryptogrampa - If we did (& I'm not saying we didn't), I'm not seeing it on Blockchair.
· 408d ·
Still lots of stress test txns going through on txhighway. Also Coingeek mined a 6.8Mb block about 3 hours ago.
· 409d ·
There are still lots of stress test txns going through on txhighway. some big blasts too.
· 410d ·
And again...
· 410d ·
Blast of txns happening right now.
· 410d ·
* to research & evaluate bitcoin for themselves.
· 410d ·
Maybe... I'm having issues viewing the site too.
· 410d ·
Again, imagine you have 100s of people each day asking you to "prove" yourself, or your creation to them because they are too lazy to*. Don't you think that might get a bit annoying?
· 410d ·
As Satoshi, he was granted a certain amount of deference. As CSW he is constantly mocked, attacked. some don't handle criticism well, especially when they are used to respect.
· 410d ·
Especially after you have created this thing that many want & others want to corrupt. Imagine they are killing your baby.
· 410d ·
Try to imagine what it's like to get attacked/criticized all day online. Think how you might respond.
· 536d
Is 2018 the year that BCH surpasses BTC's market cap?
· 538d
Menu item at The Restaurant at the End of the Universe...