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Any vegans or vegetarians here? Currently I am on my third day not eating meat, milk, eggs (anything coming from animals).
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never heard about it before :)
In German they call it Mittwoch - literally means Midweek is pretty cool
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Introducing - search the Bitcoin Cash blockchain for text -
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I should start making it a point to go over there as part of my “daily newspaper”. Every time I read an article there I am happy I read it 😎👌🏻
Occasionally if I see a link to something interesting on there. Can't say it's a site I intentionally go to though.
do you read
Memo of course ;-)
Twitter, we need more people on twitter defending BCH, the coretard's are out in force there.
Reddit, not just r/BTC but r/bitcoin too (read only haha)
ok, will fix this :) lol
Guys which bitcoin cash related media do you read? Please write in replies :)
Guys which bitcoin cash related media do you read? Please write in replies :)
can send you back
Check out this Meetup with Bitcoin cash Berlin - BCH
have you funded the bot? i see +30k
23 countries, 15 languages and much more coming....

🍒🍒🍒 winner 1000 satoshi !
haha I like it :)
it was joke ;) saw your tipped to bot
cash back lol