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sent · 1,500 sats 7d
Listen pal, imma need to know you you're gettin' all them blocks.
It's for your safety.
sent · 1,000 sats 57d
Why are you liking your own posts multiple times? I thought you had better things to do?
sent · 546 sats 145d
This profile is presumably under ownership of Philipp Crocoll, author of KeePass2Android, from Karlsruhe, Germany.
Wonder if he knows of his BCH balance.
sent · 1,500 sats 197d
Thank you for the kind words!
sent · 1,500 sats 216d
How do you shorten your urls like that??
sent · 1,500 sats 217d
Fantastic article man! Keep 'em coming!
sent · 546 sats 217d
So, which memo user are you?
sent · 1,500 sats 217d
Good to see you here! :)
sent · 546 sats 218d
Have you considered using the dividend payment tool for your GTU token?
sent · 546 sats 219d
Stop creating tokens with already used names. Pretty scammy man.
sent · 25,000 sats 266d
Hope this works!
sent · 546 sats 327d
Heya, can I get some of them Vidtek Spirit tokens from ya?
sent · 546 sats 341d
Sir... your $SPICE price is retarded.
sent · 546 sats 352d
sent · 10,000 sats 411d
I'm not on AV2 anymore, or facebook for that matter, but it's a pleasure to see you here!
sent · 10,000 sats 417d
Welcome to Memo!
sent · 546 sats 442d
Stop spamming
sent · 555 sats 485d
You're still posting on both chains pal. Try
don't let the door hit you on the way out.
sent · 1,000 sats 532d
Corbin... is that you?
sent · 546 sats 532d
Is there a way to use exclusively on the app?