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replied 15d
Why do people always assume there's any intent to make a statement?
Or that the statement would go beyond more than "I like this aesthetic"?
Just had my first real PR merged :) https://github.com/gcash/bchd/pull/389

big big thanks to zquestz for pushing me in the right direction. Onward and upward.
It's been a busy day. :)
Goodnight friends.
replied 21d
I have not, but thanks for pointing me towards it. Saved it :)
Well there - finally refactored https://github.com/JettScythe/cards-go and updated the testing file.
Not sure what more to do with that aside from general cleanup.
Onto the next project.
replied 26d
Thank you very much! Been playing for almost 10 years now. Still don't know a damn thing as far as music theory goes.
replied 26d
lmao I have not. You got a link?
replied 26d
Maybe for children but no I wasn't a fan lmao.
Everything seemed childish. Even the outfits looked more like a cosplay than an "actual superhero" costume.
replied 26d
I would just use Blue's Mist miner. I had tinkered around with the blockparty_sh miner for a lil over a week any never got it working.
Got Blue's working overnight.
replied 26d
oh yea, was finishing setting up my $MIST miner while all that was going on. Worked out fantastically - I just got my first MIST reward about an hour ago.
replied 26d
I expected a bad movie.
I was right.
Gonna watch the Aquaman movie. Wish me luck.
replied 28d
I haven't gotten to the thinking i'm dying in many years, but then again my tolerance is pretty high at this point.
I almost miss it.
jus' chillen.
replied 29d
I've got just shy of a cup of 800mg olive oil.
Brings the banana bread to ~ 260mg per loaf
Makin' funckin' medical banana bread wassup
replied 29d
yep. Wow what a bad movie.
29d · Final Fantasy
Just finished Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals yesterday, starting Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within now.
Like usual, playing catch up.
29d · Golang
A very late night go stream. Now with tipping enabled! twitch.tv/jettscythe tipbitcoin.cash/tip/jett
replied 30d
Got my payout! Was a nice surprise.
replied 30d
completely last night as well as continue on my codecademy course.
replied 30d
Just finished up my 3rd Golang stream! In this I review the [cards-go](https://github.com/JettScythe/cards-go) & [even & odd](https://github.com/JettScythe/evenandodd) projects I
30d · Golang
replied 31d
Just finished my first project in Go :)