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Aware that all of my images are ridiculously big just to be on the website. Hopefully will have that fixed over the next couple days. I have a /lot/ to manage and edit. Relying on a third party optimizer was no good.

This is fuckin dope.
My man Kurt Travis!
Pretty pleased to say I finally have a personal website to centralize my content.
Would love for folks to check it out, provide feedback.
Ya boi just got a raise. :)
Here to shill my insta.
Absolutely love this shot.
Time off for the SLP hackathon is confirmed! ^.^
Trying to secure some time off to head down to People's Pub for the SLP hackathon.
Would be great to pay for a meal + drinks in BCH while working on SLP applications.
11 days straight before asking for time off.
Aside from my windows shaking and my living room being a little wet, we're holding down strong here. No power outage, internet still up. We all good baby.
Hurricane Dorian will be at my door in a few hours. :/
G'mornin folks. Chocolate chai tea for me, then off to work.
The question of the day... Do I buy some $SPICE???
Starting a #Shibari photography portfolio very soon.
This seems so damn cool.
That's why I suddenly have more sats on here. Wow...
Should I get drunk and livestream some more RimWorld?