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· 5d
New camera & lens (paid for with BCH) came in today. Here's a celebratory picture of our big orange loaf.
· 7d
First post using the member app! Good job Free Trade!
· 15d · Mathrock
· 16d
destiny to limits I couldn't achieve otherwise.
· 16d
The fact remains that with my chosen system, the incredible advantages I have over other competing systems allow me to be free in a way that not only regularly outclass what many of my peers can be, but to craft my
· 16d
The REAL problem with coin enthusiasm today is that it has supplanted talent and skill enthusiasm. We obsess over coins for coin sake and not because of the incredible capabilities of our network can enable us to do.
· 17d
Just put the order in for the camera I've wanted & 2 lenses :) Saving $857.34 paying with BCH
· 18d
Is Cannabis legal where you live?
Whatchu' think? Should it be?
· 21d
Anybody have congestion remedies they wanna share? I feel like death.
created poll · 24d
Which is a better option in your opinion? If you respond to the poll, please leave your reason why as a reply.
Torrent 2 votes · 1,300 satoshis
IPFS 2 votes · 1,500 satoshis


· 29d
This coffee has me SWEATIN
sent · 25,000 sats · 29d
Hope this works!
· 33d
· 34d
This song is now 18 years old.

Happy birthday, buddy.

· 35d
How are potatoes so fuckin good?
· 35d
· 35d
Anybody know what the AUDC token is?
· 45d
· 47d
SLPVH has started. lesgo
· 53d
Aware that all of my images are ridiculously big just to be on the website. Hopefully will have that fixed over the next couple days. I have a /lot/ to manage and edit. Relying on a third party optimizer was no good.
· 53d · Post-Hardcore
· 53d · Post-Hardcore

This is fuckin dope.
My man Kurt Travis!
· 55d
Pretty pleased to say I finally have a personal website to centralize my content.
Would love for folks to check it out, provide feedback.
· 56d
Ya boi just got a raise. :)
· 56d