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hard to say. torrent had years to mature, while ipfs is relatively new.
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Im thinking Lil Windex...
· 6d · Capitalism
Says the most prolific spammer on
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You are addicted to carbohydrates. Seriously though, your gut bacteria may be releasing hormones that make you crave carbs, and then they reward you with more when you provide them.
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Just participated and retweeted to my 16k follows! Good Fun!
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Just participated and retweeted to my 16k follows! Good Fun!
· 11d
Any Hong Kong folks here? Want to give a 1st hand report?
· 15d
Massive update today for bch-js: v1.6.0

- All examples are working
- Updated documentation
- SLP token send and genesis working
- 0 vulnerabilities
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· 16d
Had the pleasure of speaking to the creator of @memobch today. One of the most talented builders I know. 🤯 Inspiring what one man can do with a vision. #dailymemo
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Thanks Corbin! Few do as much to bring crypto to the masses as you do. It was great to get to talk
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god fucking dammit
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god fucking dammit
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pokkst is gay <3
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Based muppet sage.
· 25d
Extension v0.7.8 is live for Firefox, rolling out to Chrome shortly

Changes include:

- Show success page after completing transaction
- Don't show USD conversion button when sending tokens
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Get Spicy!

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The time to cultivate censorship-resistant networks is before you need them.
· 27d · Airdrops
Airdrop incoming to MIS holders
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Real programmers ...

1. don't write specs. Users should consider themselves lucky to get any programs at all and take what they get.
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Easy way to explain the difference between BTC and BCH to newbies.

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Bix Weir Declares His Support For Bitcoin Cash