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voted Will follow the BCH chain regardless of what rules win. 2d
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Dear Memo users. What outcome do you prefer regarding BCH fork in Nov. 2020?
BCH eco-system with NO IFP with possibly BCHN being the new ref. node implemenation 17 votes · 18,157 satoshis
ABC consolidate control + IFP activated on BCH 1 votes · 10,000 satoshis
Will follow the BCH chain regardless of what rules win. 4 votes · 0 satoshis


bought 500,000 RFND for 1,000,000 satoshis (2 each) from 6d
bought 500,000 RFND for 875,000 satoshis (1.75 each) from 6d
I took my School Board to court. They spent $thousands fighting me, before finally agreeing to settle. Tonight they will publicly apologize for violating taypayers' rights.
Government-run schools are despicable.
10d · Coins' Dev Progress
July 2020, BCHD(BCH) lines of development(Go):
Commit from 6d3aeb71 to 129105db
45 commits, 51 files changed, 6266 insertions(+), 3346 deletions(-)
Good morning
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19d · BCHD
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18d · MIST
Kasumi released a new miner and it looks pretty clean compared to the initial one: https://mistcoin.org/bchd_mist_miner_v1.zip
Finally. A phone I own. Not the other way around.
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Why do people always assume there's any intent to make a statement?
Or that the statement would go beyond more than "I like this aesthetic"?
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Happy to help! Just glad more people in the BCH community are supporting the effort!
bchd 0.16.5 is now available and is a recommended update for all users! Key features include HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.1 keep-alive support and many JSON-RPC improvements!

Cannabis May Reduce Deadly COVID-19 Lung Inflammation
Just had my first real PR merged :) https://github.com/gcash/bchd/pull/389

big big thanks to zquestz for pushing me in the right direction. Onward and upward.
It's been a busy day. :)
Goodnight friends.
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I have not, but thanks for pointing me towards it. Saved it :)
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Have you read this? https://www.golang-book.com/books/intro

I found it super useful when learing Go, and it is a very quick read.
Well there - finally refactored https://github.com/JettScythe/cards-go and updated the testing file.
Not sure what more to do with that aside from general cleanup.
Onto the next project.
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