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· 6d was also updated recently to support's Badger Button!

You can now easily tip streamers with Badger Wallet!
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I am not sure, but I think you have to do the KYC to withdraw.
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Uther Pendragon
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Is your orange cat named Garfield?
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Beautiful animal :-)
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"When Bitcoin matures, you won't even know you're using it."

We found a solution built on Bitcoin Cash.

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Global peer-to-peer cash for EVERYONE!

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Uther Pendragon
That fat bastard is named Gibby!
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New camera & lens (paid for with BCH) came in today. Here's a celebratory picture of our big orange loaf.
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David knife
So get more funds. Don't just use the faucet. Earn or buy.
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Just got 5$ BCH from Roger Ver on facebook. Living in Pakistan where Govt even can't understand blockchain technology and put a ban on it and being a part of BCH community truly indicates "THE CHANGE IS COMING"
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David knife
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First post using the member app! Good job Free Trade!
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i'm going to try and live a healthier life. #dailymemo
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Number of BTC transactions April to November versus Number of BCH transactions
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Do you have another social media site that you could use as verification?
Just a tweet or something that says you are this profile, then share the tweet onto memo.
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I think BCH bulider community for the most part sees the incredible potential and is trying to realize it.
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destiny to limits I couldn't achieve otherwise.
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The fact remains that with my chosen system, the incredible advantages I have over other competing systems allow me to be free in a way that not only regularly outclass what many of my peers can be, but to craft my