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Just onboarded another badger wallet user! Feel free to send him some BCH &/or SLP tokens. bitcoincash:qzvx5aktc0madn3sm566yqmer83agjmqt5mz0e8c4e
https://lazyfox.io @IoLazyfox Is a wildly easy way to each Bitcoin Cash! Just made $1.50 for recommending codecademy's intro to javascript course. Also 100% integrated with @BadgerWallet for ease of use.
On March 29th, 30th, & 31st I will be promoting and giving away 2 #BCH to #attendees, #vendors, #artists, #hosts, etc of @freddytattooexpo http://www.frederictontattooexpo.ca/
Funny how CSW couldn't even handle memo. Has mini meltdowns and blocks anyblone who disagrees. Old man is socially retarded
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You're still posting on both chains pal. Try memo.sv
don't let the door hit you on the way out.
heya perverts, weeabos. https://lewdvibes.com/ accepts BCH
Boot flavoured hot pockets: Low fat, full statist taste.
I am not a fan of the fact that when receiving a notification, it auto directs you to that tab. Ill be reading 3-4 pages deep and bam, gone.
So when I select memo cash on the app, is this BCH only?
https://satoshistack.cash/ - Come play this game. I am KING OF SATOSHIDICE
I just published a short essay I wrote back in high school for modern history. Anybody willing to read through & share thoughts?
If you aren't in the CoinSpice telegram, you're missing out.
How many Lowe's could Rob Lowe rob if Rob Lowe could rob Lowe's?
So.. Harvard's CS50 course is available online for free. Just throwing that out into the universe.
Anybody deal with this error before? The vendor was unable to process the order due to the following errors:

could not resolve name
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Corbin... is that you?
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Is there a way to use abc.memo.com exclusively on the app?
The SPEED of this app though. Phenomenal. At least 2x faster than memo on a desktop