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Hey, welcome to my profile, I hope you like it :)


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HI guys, I've been away from memo for a couple weeks now because I've been having some internet issues. What did I miss?
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Tip me sats, and I will follow you. Which should make your percentage go up next to your name. All about networking BCH. Be sure to follow me also, if you are not already.
Do I count?
it's not so much about nutrition or taste, but it's my morning ceremony that sets my day especially from a focus point of view.
In this small bakery, I am the only one who sits here :)
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See! I told you so
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According to a study, tipping me may improve your quality of life by 70%
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If you're seeing this on Txstreet, come to memo and like this post for a BCH tip. ;)
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Memo update released:
- Dust consolidation for all actions
- Dashboard is now a feed of all events
- Performance improvements
- Updated profiles
- Color indicator for relative user rating
- New account page
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818d · Earn tips
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You earned a new follower in me with that profile pic lol
819d · Earn tips
everyone just needs to tip any post they enjoy reading. it will keep growing and going around, I am trying to do it. Are you?
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Have you stopped using other social media since using Memo?
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Update: I got my profile pic to work now :)
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Don't worry lol
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Is there a way to crop my profile pic by myself? Memo crops it real bad
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